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Do you ever feel like you never get a break?

Yeah me too.

That’s why I’ve started to seize the mini-mini break. A mini break in the singular invokes Bridget Jones Diary weekend getaway to countryside. A true mini break for me would entail me going anywhere with Mark for the weekend sans our children OR, me, alone, yoga retreat. Me time? I mean, real me time — I mean a beach, a book, days sipping pina coladas melting into nights — HAHAHA. No.

I was just talking to my co-worker about this who has tots the same age as Laila, 4, and Eli, 1. We don’t get a real breaks too often. We work at work, we work at home, we collapse in a heap at the end of the day, a to-do list that will never be complete hanging over our heads. Yes, of course we have lovely family moments, too, but still. What stressed and busy person couldn’t use a few days to reclaim head space? Or, just an hour?

My latest real break was a nice trip to DC to learn more about the CF Foundation and what I can do to help the cause to cure my son’s disease. As great as it was, it also jacked with my head. Running had given me everything I needed – time alone, stress burn and fresh air. Then I hurt my knee.

Without the excuse of a training program, I only have a few minutes at a time to myself these days. And I’m taking them!

Confession: I sit in the Target parking lot looking at Instagram. Maybe I turn on the radio. I could just stare into space. This is why it takes me so long to get back when I just run out for milk. Don’t tell Mark. Our lives feel crazy, so I’ve lately seized any little stretch of time to clear my head space.

In my advancing age I’ve turned into Mother Earth. I got outside, sit in the shade of my dead tree and stare at the wildflowers with a goofy, satisfied look on my face. Better yet if there is a glass of Malbec in my hand. Then I dream of Argentina.

During a trip out in the state for a couple of stories, the photographer and I took lunch on a mountain. We went each to our separate boulder and took in the view. This mini mini break was aided by the fact there was a wildlife refuge in between one assignment and the next. The whole scenario was aided by the fact I have a job that is as interesting as I make it. Yes, there are times I’m stressed and buried in documents. Then there are times I get to roam free, collecting stories in a unique land.

Another important aspect of the mini mini is the appreciation of that moment, however fleeting I take a deep breath, appreciate something about the time, and carry on. That only takes a few seconds.

Until I get to my yoga retreat, these’ll do.

How do you take your itty breaks?

Here are a few of my break pics:

Shameless lunch selfie

Shameless lunch selfie

Mount Scott, Wichita Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma

Mount Scott, Wichita Wildlife Refuge, Oklahoma

The gate to the holy city...replica

The gate to the holy city…replica

Meers has longhorn burgers served in pie plats. This is half of one.

Meers has longhorn burgers served in pie plats. This is half of one.

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6 thoughts on “The mini mini break

  1. Cheryl Keeping says:

    Uncle Ron says where in Ok is there a Mount anything? It’s all flat. I say, take your moments where you find them. I’m fond of wine, bubbles, and a locked bathroom door. You guys impress the hell out of us! Love you.


    1. j&m says:

      We have itty bitty mountians. Maybe they were big mountains a few million ago, but these are more like giant hills. Really cool, though!


  2. I am crazy protective of my lunch break. That is MINE. I exercise, read a book, or run errands kid-free.


    1. j&m says:

      That is awesome. I have too much of a (HORRIBLE) habit of eating lunch at my desk. I am using it to walk now! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention above, I also take ultra long showers. Our water bill is sky high!


      1. I also eat lunch at my desk so I don’t have to use my “lunch” time for pesky things like eating! 🙂


      2. j&m says:

        That is a good point – I prefer to use mine to walk or run. I lived in China for a year and they have 2-hour lunch breaks across the board. People went home, fixed themselves lunch, napped and returned to work. I think they have the right idea!


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