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Good Sunday morning!

A brief update:

Eli’s began a 21-day antibiotic regime two days back after a lingering cold flared up his cystic fibrosis crud. The medicine is Bactirim. Breakthrough: I didn’t cry about it. Woo!

Big boy is such a good patient.

Big boy is such a good patient.

He is on a vest for 1.5 hours per day. That’s a long time for my little guy, but he is handling it pretty well. Ooooh he’s cute.


little man

little man

Mark’s school year has come to a close, his second at an Oklahoma City Public School. We hung out last night with his co-workers. Some of the close friends he’s made are at his middle school through Teach for America. They are moving on from their two-year stints in OKC and thus a proper send off was called for. It involved tequila, a pinata and ghost stories.

Ghost story:

Mark’s assistant principal is a former Irish soldier who was once shot in the back in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. He, in the past, taught in Mexican border town and lived with roommates at a mid-Century home on a hill. Part of the design of the home included black onyx tiled floors. He and his roommates would hear heels clacking at night. (No women over, he swore it). Then each of three separate roommates heard their names whispered. He confronted the property owners about it and they revealed that indeed, this house was haunted. They cracked open a closet, and within it sat an alter with candles and flowers. It was there to keep the spirits happy. I guess the hill on which the home was situated was once a bloody battleground in the Mexican-American war. So who were the lady ghosts? War hookers? Couldn’t say… #ghostproblems.

The assistant principal and another teacher — an Oklahoma cowboy who can forecast tornadoes via the scent of the air — informed me they’ll be taking my husband up to Kansas to shoot large weapons some day soon. Sounds perfectly safe. I’m sure nothing will go wrong.

That’s fine and good, I said. Gives me an excuse to go on a yoga retreat one of these days. HAHAHA.

Just don’t hurt him.

I will also mention that Mark’s hair has grown long enough to put in a pony tail. He’s trying out the slick-back look these days. Greasy hippies…


Laila’s ballet Saturdays have come to a close. We are contemplating what’s next. Hip-hop? Soccer? More ballet? I can’t decide. I don’t want her over-scheduled. One thing was plenty for us this year. Yet cuteness tied to multiple uniform possibilities…tempting.

Ballerina Laila

Ballerina Laila

I might also mention Laila has become obsessed with making snowmen, but she lacks the proper parts at present. Thus, her snowmen have beady, menacing eyes. They go everywhere with us these days. The snowmen pictured below are watching Sesame Street.

We are snowmen.

We are snowmen.

We are also attempting to sprout Venus fly traps.

Venus fly trap kit

Venus fly trap kit

Maybe that would help the disgusting fruit fly outbreak in our kitchen. Any tips on handling fruit fly outbreaks, public?

In boring, old people problems news, I am going to see about my knee. It has been rather crunchy since I ran 20 miles on it to train for the OKC marathon. I didn’t complete the marathon. I ran, I’d say, 1 mile before dropping out with severe pain. It’s better five weeks on and I ran 3.5 miles twice this week. Still crunching when I go down stairs.

I got set up with the same ortho guy the OKC Thunder use. So we’ll see what’s what.

boring old people problems

boring old people problems

The upcoming change of seasons feels like a new beginning for us again. We’re going to get back on track with budgeting and, hopefully, plan a little summer travel.

Also, wasn’t kidding, need advice: How do you get rid of fruit flys? We are doing due diligence keeping the kitchen clean and these buggers still find a way to swarm us. I had to wave a napkin over Laila at dinner like she was the queen of Sheba. Help! Comments, e-mails, please!


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