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I fell off the radar, which happens when one begins to binge watch Game of Thrones.

The biggest news:

Netflix is dropping Rocky 1-5 tomorrow. Plus Hell on Wheels Season 3 is out mid-month on the ‘flix. Plus we don’t have TV but clearly I’ve been watching too much on the Interwebs. Oh who cares I love being neutralized by light beams.

Summer is flying by, and for Mark, a teacher, it’s not that long, as it turns out. We only have one month until school starts. How did that happen?

That means I have one month to come up with a good daycare solution for Eli. I’m going to take the plunge and put him in day care. We just can’t afford a nanny. I love ours — her name’s Melissa, and she’s definitely worked out. I’d love to have her over all the time. Straight up, can’t afford it. And, she has school in the mornings.

Laila had attended an excellent preschool program that we just loved. Part of our overarching budget issue, though, was the cost — even as it was reasonable, with the preschool plus a part-time nanny, we were stretched to the max and stressed all the time.

And so, I’ve enrolled Laila in a new charter school in downtown OKC that will be just a few blocks from my office, which is also moving downtown. The cost to us: zero. I just hope she likes it. I hope she’s ready for it.

The heat is on to find a great place for little buddy. I have thus far put him on a wait list at the Y’s well-loved program and entered panic mode that we won’t get a spot. We can have our nanny back in the fall as a fall-back, and hire a morning sitter for the time she can’t be here…it’s just not ideal. Eli is getting to the age where he would benefit by having lil buddy friends. I say that like I’ve convinced myself. Ha! I’m terrified.

The woman at the front desk told me they had cared for a child with CF before, and that he did great and was no sicker than your average tot. That was really a relief.

As a working parent I have to say that figuring out care for our little ones, and care that can deal with Eli’s CF, has been one big stress ball from the get-go. I returned to work in April 2013. In just over a year we’ve gone through six sitters!!!!

I only hope that something works out for the best, and soon.

In other news, Eli wrapped up a 21-day round of antibiotics for a cough. So far so good, fingers crossed. He’s no longer coughing and never acted sick any way.

I follow some other CF tot blogs, and a few of those little buddies have had bigger lung issues to contend with than Eli.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

A buddy named Austin from Cali who is just about Eli’s age may have whooping cough. They don’t seem to be sure, but whatever he’s got just won’t go away. My heart breaks when I read about other families’ struggles. Seeing as how Eli’s latest little cold was the first in more than a year that didn’t make me cry — I know how stressful even a little bump in the road can be, especially when it’s something new.

There’s been a rise in whooping cough in recent years and it seems the anti-vaccine coo coos are behind it.

For the love of God, for the love of science, vaccinate! I was always closet-enraged by the anti-vaccine coo coos, but now I am out. My son has a chronic disease. People walking among us may be more vulnerable than they look. It’s so selfish not to. Do it now.

And that’s all for tonight.

How did you address day care concerns for your CFer, CF moms & dads of the world?


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