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I wasn’t going to mention anything, but, I need to, since I strive for honesty here. I’m in a new relationship.

We’ve gotten together and broken up in the last year at least a half dozen times. But I’m back on with My Fitness Pal.

For those not in the know, this is a free calorie counting app for mobiles.

I know weight loss is a numbers game, but who’s counting? Not me!

I trained for a marathon, lost 15, was starving from all that running, ate all the Oreos, gained five, injured my knee from ‘overuse,’ and gained another fiver.

I blame Sonic tater tots and Blue Bell Cookies and Cream Ice Cream- There are whole Oreos in there ppl. WHOLE OREOS.

Dieting blows. It’s too much work. I refuse. I’m considering this latest initiative a lifestyle check. A nutritional reboot. I am going to try to lose my last 20 of baby weight the old fashioned way: math! The $ number shall = 0. My goal within the goal is to do this with free fitness options only.

That last 20 remains elusive. In a little over four years I have gained and lost 160 pounds. I also gained two kids. I lost — my mother to cancer. We weathered the unexpected — Eli’s CF diagnosis and stressful surgeries. We have been on an economic roller coaster ride along the way in three states. It makes one crave Oreos.

Exercise helps keep my head on straight but weight loss is a fragile thing that can be toppled with wine and nachos, as it turns out.

So begins a new relationship with My Fitness Pal. It will surely be rocky.

I have set My Fitness Pal to 2-pounds of weight loss per week. I get to eat a paltry 1200 cals a day. That is about what 1-year-old, nearly 30-pound Eli is supposed to eat for his nutritional needs. (CFers don’t absorb fat quite right, even as they take digestive enzymes before meals, and thus, have to compensate)

For better or worse, I have decided to take my baby weight loss effort public to the Interwebs.

Day 1. Monday, July 7: I step on the digital (cruel, unforgiving, heartless) scale at the doctor’s office after a weekend away, spent eating trail mix by the fistful. The number hurts. I’ve gained 10 pounds since I stopped training for the OKC marathon. A marathon I never completed because I injured my knee from overuse from all that running. I was out of pocket for weeks, eating what I pleased. And this number proves it. Vow to try something new – My Fitness Pal.

Day 2, July 8. Technically, this is the first day I track. OH. I have discovered why I am hungry and possibly tired a lot. Not enough protein or fat, per the nutritional pie chart on the pal of my day’s entries. Thanks, pal!

Day 3, July 9. Are you kidding me I have only 385 calories left for the rest of the day??? It’s noon. NOON. And I’m already hangry. That is hungry-angry. ..ok think…think… I am Hangry yet thankful I have forced co-workers into an after-work soccer scrimmage. The calorie burn shall make up for possible indiscretions perpetrated in the early hours….

Day 4, July 10:
Much better! 1 cup Light and fit vanilla with 1 cup Target mixed berries throughout morning, eaten at 9 at desk kept me much more full than 7 am cereal. I fit in slow 38 minute jog at lunch….1,000 cals left instead of 400….woo…icecream fantasies commence…

Dinner now…wine v. Food…wine…v food . I am a spectacular specimen of health and sound decision making! J.k.- have 800 calories left…wine and food #winning

Day 5, July 11: Did I just have a giant blueberry muffin for breakfast? Yes. Yes I did. Now what’s the ‘pal’ going to say about it…where’s my iPhone…

In the interim, I have just mentioned to my pal Erika (hi Erika!) on Facebook that she should most certainly take my unsolicited advice and go easy on herself for a good year. She just had a baby. New mothers should not worry so much about getting in shape fast.

And then I was like, isn’t that good advice? Yeah, I’ve never been able to take it. If there is a woman who can look in the mirror days or weeks after having a baby and not say “OH #@$%$^ No. WHERE’s MY BABY JOGGER?!” I want to know who you are. I want to know your secrets.

Day 6, July 12:

Last night I worked the night shift for a breaking news reporter. The first thing I did was head out to a body found scene. Well, by the time I got there – way out in a semi-rural part of okc, the crowd and the body had left. I turned back. A headache that had been nagging me all afternoon got worse fast. It was like nails behind my eye. I felt Ill. Pulled over. Not fast enough. Barfed all over the inside of my car. Then the outside.

Called editor. Went home. I was laid up for five hours in a dark room.

My first thought after regaining my mind: But how am I gonna calculate thison My Fitness Pal???

Day 7, July 13, Sunday:
Backyard BBQ last night. Cleaning burned cals and then…wine cals…snack cals…put them back…oh who cares cals. Fun night! Moving on…

Only to be way over today after feeling rather snackish…nacho snackish!!!! I hope to do better in week 2 and plan a few good workouts to offset a rather snackish few days! Cause I won’t get anywhere if I keep doin’ like this!
I am faced with a choice. Son is asleep. Work out or watch Honey I Shrunk the Kids via Netflix? Working out is the equivalent of solar panels to My Fitness Pal- runs the cals back to the grid. Last night I brought up Rick Moranis- where has he been for two decades? He was my first nerd crush. Spaceballs, Ghostbusters…then..? This is one of many topics that kept me up until 2. I’m going to watch a movie with Laila now.

…It has just occurred to me that I now consider drinking wine in my backyard hard partying. #old

…the combination of soft tomato and dull knife set turned my Caprese salad into Pinterest fail. Too ashamed to photo. But good God is Caprese salad the bomb!
Check back for week 1 updates. This is the first of a series post. Look for future updates under “The Slow Road: health & fitness,” in “The Last 20 Pounds.” Have you used My Fitness Pal? Did it

work for you? Let me know and find me there – I’m jkeeps.
To be continued……



5 thoughts on “The last 20 pounds: a diary (Week 1)

  1. Yogurt is my #1 weapon of weight loss. FAGE (or anything Greek, more protein) with the fruit dippy side, cottage cheese, string cheese, beans, and tuna. If you’re a meat-eater, learn to wrap lunchmeat around a string cheese and call it a snack. Only protein will allow you to make the thoughts and type the words. Load up.


    1. j&m says:

      YES. I love Greek yogurt. There is ultra fattening delicious Greek yogurt we give Eli. Then there is Fage 0 percent, which I actually like. I noticed such a big difference in the way I felt since I started taking note of what I eat. In the beginning of the week I felt fatigued and sluggish. After I made a point to eat protein – hard-boiled eggs, apple and peanut butter, etc. for snacks, instead of, oh Cheez-its, there was a huge improvement in my concentration and energy level throughout the day. Like I said, it feels good to do a nutritional reboot, rather than a diet. Hate diets. Too much work.


  2. venturabetsy says:

    I love your writing, you are so funny! I’m on my fitness pal too, to maintain a healthy weight in spite of my CF. I won’t tell you how many calories I eat every day, it might make you hangry 😉


    1. j&m says:

      Thank you! Your blog is in my reader! I promise not to get hangry! Tell me – I am totally curious, and I completely understand the need for a TON of calories. Hmmm, Fitness Pal-ing my son, Eli, isn’t a bad idea. Lately he is refusing to eat as much as he has recently, and it’s freaking me out! Just this morning he wouldn’t eat blueberry pancakes slathered in butter. What gives, lil buddy!?


      1. venturabetsy says:

        I have been eating 3200 calories a day for about two months now using my fitness pal to keep track. That amount initially helped me to gain the five pounds I needed and it seems to be about what I need to maintain this healthier weight, at least during these more active summer months. (But yuck, that is a lot of food.) I hope Eli gets back to eating lots soon! I’m sure he will if you keep tempting him with things like butter-slathered pancakes!!


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