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Hello. A quick-ish note to start week 2, which is for me July 14-20. I had a fabulous weekend and misbehaved when it comes to food, wine and fun. For good measure I ate a late-night nacho snack last night.

Despite my snackish wine-ish weekend inklings (no regrets, btw — who wants to be good all the time?) I actually lost more than a pound! Yes, despite a wine, spinach and artichoke dip and nachos weekend. It helped me to have friends over. Even as we over indulged, I burned more than 500 cals cleaning our house after panicking that I’d invited people over. Woo!

This week I want to run a few experiments. 1 Drink water throughout the work day. 2. Check out You Tube workout videos and 3. Join a few ideas- oriented Facebook or Instagram groups. I don’t like fitness Instagram accounts (how many ab selfies can you possibly take ppl- get a life and stop spamming me!) but I did find a green smoothie group I like on IG, which helps me get my fruits n veg.

Also, a note about my lil buddy and overall weight loss / fit philosophy. One day, I will train little buddy like my little racehorse. Reason being, he has cystic fibrosis. Exercise is good for us all, but it’s especially good for people with CF. Here’s why from a fellow blogger who writes about her CF over at Bright Hope.

“Exercise… is one of the few things that can actually increase lung capacity. It also strengthens the body and the immune system. A strong body means extra endurance for the challenges associated with cystic fibrosis. And exercise is a natural way to clear the airways of excess congestion.

Exercise is also good for bone density. People with CF are prone to osteoporosis and osteopenia. This is because nutrition, lung disease and bone health are related. If a CF patient has poor nutrition due to malabsorption or low appetite, the body does not get sufficient vitamins and minerals which are essential for strong bones. Lung infections cause inflammation which can also lead to bone loss. Sometimes CFers are inactive for periods due to illness and this weakens both muscles and bones. If that weren’t enough, some common CF medications such as steroids and appetite stimulants cause bone loss.

So that’s why she’s getting fit. That’s why I want Eli to be the best little fit buddy he can be. That means I’d like to be that way too. If we get exercise, our immune systems are stronger. Stronger immune systems mean less illness to spread around the house. Plus CF is chronic and fit is badass. We can workout together in chronic badass T-shirts. MAYBE.

Where do you turn for Internet fitness inspiration?

Day 7, Monday, July 14



I ran three miles at lunch today. I read an article recently in Self about setting goals during exercise sessions. So I set my favorite running app (Runtastic) to 10 minute miles. To me, this is fast. I pulled 3 in 30:52 though that included water stops.

Have concluded need to weigh self on real unforgiving scale rather than the gloriously inaccurate one in my home bathroom. I can lose weight on that thing by just adjusting how I stand. What sparked my initiative to lose weight, truly, was facing the numbers last week at the doctor’s office. So cruel, digital scale. So, so cruel. I today stepped on scale here at our work gym — more of a classic scale, where you slide the weight and watch the bar float up…doooown….up…down…centerrrr…flinching…there it issss…fear and panic in heart…. BAM. To my amazement I lost a pound.

I managed to track every last thing I ate last week on My Fitness Pal, including the days I went 500 to 1000 calories over. Eh, happens. Moving on!

…thought: get bike in order. Get bikes because it’s one of the few fit activities Mark likes and we can do together with kids. End thought.

…thought: Make ice box cake this week. Perhaps invent lower cal version for me while pumping Eli, Laila and Mark full of calories. End thought.

One last thought for Day 7: I have nothing against Merlot, but the fact is, Malbec makes me dream of travel to Argentina. One day, one day.

Day 8, Tuesday, July 15:

…That time I brought my workout gear to work, took it to the gym at lunch and instead got a massage …

…Thought: Juice cleanses are stupid. There. I said it.

Day 9, Wednesday, July 16:

All I gotta say is, today I faced down bags of chips at lunch. Passed. #winning

All I gotta say is, just overdid it on the Sprouts ginger snaps. More like ginger crack. #bygones

I upped my sauce ante this week at the grocer with Korean BBQ sauce and an Annie’s sweet and sour version of Siracha. Siracha is too hot for me, but I must be craving Korean food because I made tofu stir fry with one sauce & plan to make bibimbap tomorrow night. Mild annoyance to make a separate dinner from my fam – um, they had Manwich, yes Manwich, and fries, but, you know…had to be done.

How do you make bibimbap, ya’ll?

Day 10, Wednesday, July 17

Hi! Dinner tonight was a rice bowl w/ : Korean BBQ sauce 1-2 tbs
1/2 cup cooked Jasmine rice
2/3 cup California mix frozen veggies (used organic but ant mix will do)
1/2 cup firm tofu (I dried w/ paper towels and fried in pan in Pam and tiny bit of sesame oil)

My fitness pal tells me that was 260 calories, though I should throw in sesame oil for good measure & accuracy.

Yesterday I had dried and fried a whole block of cubed firm tofu, set aside, cooked the veggies in a small amount of water in same pan used for tofu, drained, Pam spritz the veggies plus a tsp or 2 of sesame oil in the pan, add tofu back and mix with the Korean BBQ sauce to taste (at time probably 3 tbs since I was cooking it up to have leftovers).

Last night I had the tofu/ veggie mix over lettuce and 1 cup rice, but tonight had it in a in a bowl. With a little less rice but the addition of an egg, this dish is really filling.

Also, Jillian Michaels tried to kill me today.

Day 11, Thursday, July 17

Smoothies have been a great way to get some extra fruits and veg in my diet. Here’s a recipe I made up based on a craving I was having for taking a vacation to Hawaii. Some day, some day. Until then, a smoothie:

Aloha Spice
1.5-2 cup pineapple (I used fresh – nothing beats it. That being said, canned will do!)
1 pear, sliced and sectioned (You can also use frozen or canned)
2 cups spinach (I use raw but you can use frozen in a pinch. Not sure what 2 cups of spinach looks like frozen, though, measurement-wise).
2 cups coconut milk
2 tbs ginger (or to taste, but add a little at a time).
2 tablespoon Decadent Blend Chia and Flax seed (w/ coconut and cocoa) – this is optional and where I live, $8.99 a bag. If you happen to have a little cocoa or coconut around, toss it in to taste. Be careful of cocoa powder. I find too much is bitter and/or doesn’t blend well in smoothies.
I was *tempted* to toss in a pinch of Cayenne, but skipped it this time.
I add 3/4-1 cup of fat free yogurt – I like Wallaby organic vanilla.

I halved this for a My Fitness Pal reading of 250 calories.

To make, I actually use our Magic Baby Bullet, which is spending its retirement in the smoothie-making business now that Eli’s on solids.
I blend the spinach and half the liquid until there are no chunks, pour in a glass and set aside. Then I blend the fruit and the rest of the liquid, pour in glass. Then I do batches of spinach mixture/fruit mixture. You can stir in the yogurt if it’s rather liquid, or blend yogurt/spinach/fruit mixture in batches. If you have a good blender, all the batch business can be done away with, but still blend the greenery first.

If you try this out, let me know what you liked/changed, etc.!

Day 12, Friday, July 18:
I am planning a last-minute day trip tomorrow for my family to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve near Pawhuska, OK. Roadtrips are hazardous for those trying to watch the calorie intake. And by that I mean, the last time I took a road trip, I ate M&M/ peanut trail mix by the fistful. Let’s see if I can do better tomorrow.

Day 13, Saturday, July 19:
OK, OK, left the trail mix at home (thank God). I ended up indulging in a Slim Jim on this road trip – a road trip staple – and at the end of the day, even got a Jr. burger, fry & Diet Coke from Braum’s. OK, OK, and one large sip of Laila’s strawberry milkshake, ie, 1/3 of the milkshake. Do you know Braum’s? It’s local. It’s amazing. It’s sooo much better than Mickey D’s.




Yet at the end of the day I had 164 calories left. How did I do it? Why, hiking for hours with a 30-pound kid on my back, that’s how!

But I had to listen to weird stuff like this while on the road or hiking:

Day 14, Sunday, July 20:

All I gotta say is – I doubt I’ve lost that much weight, although I’m going to weigh myself Monday and see. Yet – summer shorts and pants that haven’t fit since I was in the midst of marathon training FIT. Today My Fitness Pal is morel like MY FITNESS BFF.

Also, mixed it up today during Eli’s nap and did a 20 minute Turbo Jam DVD (it is so cheesy but I love it) and then 20 minutes of Jillian Michael’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, which is a 40 minute workout. I entered this in MFP as 20 minutes of Turbo Jam (it’s actually in there) and 20 minutes of circuit training. This rolled back 418 calories to the grid. I’m pretty impressed (with myself) since the only thing I wanted to do was take a nap. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I push it. It was lovely to have an uninterrupted workout. Our house is small and I usually have a kid or two crawling on, over, or under me when I try to work out. Mark took Laila to play in her favorite downtown splash area, Eli was asleep, and I got some sweet sweet time to myself.

Weight loss this week: stepped on the scale – 0 pounds? Granted I’d just had 32 ounces of water… It doesn’t matter any way-my old fat new skinny pants fit again! I’ve not been able to wear these for weeks!

This is a place for my ever-running thought stream on food and fitness as I try to drop my last 20 pounds of baby weight. Warning: could at any point be bitter, delicious, something about mint Oreo ice cream, me calling My Fitness Pal names, spicy, bashing ab Selfies, spurning hunger, giving myself a break, looking to the world wide webs for inspiration, refusing extremes, and avoiding the notion that this is easy. No, it’s hard. However, fitness in particular helps me handle this topsy turvy world we occupy and good nutrition gives me strength and energy to survive busy days, so I hope to keep it up and meet my goal! xo. Check out the category The Last 20 Pounds to follow along. I hope I can make posts each week, updated throughout the week. This is Week 2. Get caught up with Week 1.


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