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I’m continuing to track chow on My Fitness Pal.

In other news, I’m going to Red Lobster this week. Why? Why? Why? I’ll explain later.

The question is, what’s My Fitness Pal going to say about this?

Monday, July 20, Day: 15
I lost, drum roll please…….. No weight last week! What the….

That being said, pants that haven’t fit for weeks and weeks, not since I was running 25-40 miles per week … Fit. I’m in a state of disbelief. IS THIS REAL?

Tuesday, Day 16: I did the unthinkable. I worked out before work. It was 20 minutes. Not sure if I can swing that on the regular. It’s 8 pm. I’m resting on the couch instead of playing with my kids and I’d rather be asleep instead ….of…. …..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, Day 17
Ok there was a dessert contest at my workplace today and I somehow participated yet remained under my calorie goal. Strategy was to eat a light lunch. I stood there eating and talking about the morgue and dead bodies and autopsies with some other reporters.
Not sure what an outsider would have found more disturbing about this scene-the fact we were talking about such ghoulish matters at chow time or that none of us so much as batted an eye. Maybe I subconsciously lost my appetite. #success

Next, dessert. I had about a spoonful of each dessert…I mean, there were like 10. The managing editor demanded to know how I could vote on these mere crumbs. I had to confess…I was on MFP.

The other thing that kept me on the right path was a workplace soccer scrimmage. I formed a rag tag team of news nerds. We play after work each Wednesday. MFP has two options for soccer :’ soccer, casual’ and ‘soccer, competitive.’ We go with ‘casual.’ It still burns an s-ton of Kcals.

Day 18

Went on a date last night with a man. This guy:


Malbec and flan on a rooftop. MFP can take a number.

Day 19

Back to reality…actually have to track what I ate and drank last night. #bollox

Back to Red Lobster- on the random, we have a gift card. Going to take the kids for lunch tomorrow…now what’s MFP going to say about it?

It’s 6:30 pm Friday. Just got home. Asked Mark if he cared if I worked out. He rolled eyes. Not that he doesn’t want me to work out, but as a summer stay-at-home he wants a break this time of day. Laila overheard me talk about doing a video and chimed in : “No, Mommy play cupcake game with me!” She wins!

I’ll have to burn off last night’s flan later!

Day 20

Jillian Michaels is trying to kill me again.

Day 21

On the last day of MFP Week 3 my family went to Red Lobster for lunch. Why? Why? Why? We had a gift card. Funny story. An assistant teacher in the language department at Mark’s school, I’ll call her Ms. Ng, loves to give gift cards. She and Mark are part of a 5-person team that makes up his middle school ESL department. Ms. Ng is an 80-plus Vietnamese-born woman. She has four children. They are all doctors. So, when Mark, or his ESL co-workers, try to protest Ms. Ng’s generosity, she notes she’s a bored, rich old lady with four doctor children who constantly send her money, so just take the gift card.

And so, we had a $50 gift card to Red Lobster. Her past gifts have included a $100 bill, a gift card to Maggiano’s, $100 at Dillard’s…the list goes on. We write thank yous. We bake cookies. Laila and Eli draw pictures. Here’s something we learned in China, and it just may apply to Vietnam. You can’t out-gift a Chinese person. It’s part of the culture, the giving of gifts. Ms. Ng makes me think that generosity is part of her culture, too.

Anyhow, I had a game plan going into Red Lobster. Never been to one. That being said, I had a feeling I’d have a run-in with tasty biscuits. The hunch played out just as I thought. The first thing the waiter did was put a basket of buttery biscuits on the table. Eli ate about three. So did Laila, and Mark. I had one half of one. Did I want to stuff four biscuits down my throat? YOUBETCHA. Didn’t. Next, the meal. I couldn’t just order away whatever buttery dish suited my fancy now, could I? NO! I’m serious! I’m on MFP, lifestyle management tool, nutritional reboot. I put it in writing. I’ve blathered on about it. I’d already had a date this week where I threw it all out the window, so, on this last day of week 3, I had to be good. I got the wood fire tilapia tacos, with chipoltle ranch on the side. No rice, I told the waiter, who had informed me it was slathered in butter. Instead, a salad with vinaigrette. I even gave my croutons to Eli! I ate two out of three tacos. The ranch didn’t come on the side. Oh, to hell with it! I’d just said no to buttery biscuits! OK, OK. All told, with a Diet Coke, bare-bones side salad, half a biscuit and two-thirds of the tacos, I came in at 506 calories for lunch. The typical MFP meal needs to hit around 300 in order to have a few snacks. Wow. It would be so easy to throw it all away at any given restaurant.

Later Sunday I went on a 50-minute run. ‘Cause ya know, I still had to burn off that tasty, tasty, sweet sexy flan. That’s a pretty run good for me since I injured my knee training for the marathon I never ran. On to Week 4.

Weight loss week 3: 2 pounds!


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