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Welcome to week 5! I’m trying to lose 20 pounds, on the slow road, the road of calories in v. calories out, good nutrition and moderation. During the first four weeks I lost three pounds, yet have better-fitting pants. Old fat pants New skinny pants fit. I’m calling it a win.

I’ve got an extra challenge in trying to lose weight. That is, my son Eli, and his dietary needs. On account of cystic fibrosis, he needs 1,400 to 1,900 calories a day, at 1.5 years. I, grown woman, am aiming for 1,200. Check out how I serve his Whole milk Greek yogurt, which has 300 calories a cup: with a tablespoon of Nutella and a decent pour of heavy whipping cream. Is anyone else out there aware of the choclate-y goodness packed into that little Nutella jar? Do you know how hard it is not to just scoop some into my mouth, every time I stir it into his yogurt or slather it on a graham cracker? Do you understand?

Since I’ve been tracking how much I eat I’ve been more aware of how often I graze the kids’ plates. I’m not saying I’m going to stop, but it’s got me thinking about Nutella’s choclate-y goodness, and whether I have the self control to just say no.

Sunday, Aug. 3

I decided after a caloric Saturday to go for a long run and see how my lame patella would hold up. I felt great and I just kept going. I got about eight miles and walked two. I may try to do it again in a week. The doctor said I could do whatever the ‘ol knee would allow, so there you go.

Monday, Aug. 4

My challenge today, again, was my workplace. This morning, court in downtown OKC. I love downtown settings. After my assignment, I took myself out to lunch and sat in the most zen setting near a beautiful park. Fitness pal went Mussolini on me and forced me to order a Greek salad instead of the gyro. #bollox.

Zen lunch among well-heeled professionals was a stark contrast to later in the day – I was on a street corner interviewing a heroin addict.

Tuesday, Aug. 5

Limited on time, I’m leaning on bowls. I cook about four cups of brown rice and vary the other ingredients, like egg, tofu, veggies. I am collecting sauces from foreign countries, where people have ancient food cultures that are actually healthy!

Wednesday, Aug. 6:

I caved and had my family’s fattening, delicious dinner. No regrets. I’m can’t make myself a healthy bowl dish in the face of cheesy potato casserole! It’s another example of my ‘nutritional reboot’ challenges. We (meaning Mark) cooks delicious, heavy, down-home stuff (think casseroles and 50s classics) because I often work into the evening, these dinners are easy, Eli needs that type of stuff, picky Laila will usually eat about a quarter of it and Mark likes it, too. They all need the calories. Mussolini Fitness Pal became my friend again when it became clear that I weathered the dish with a lunch-time run.

Thursday, Aug. 7

I confess- the shiny happy new-ness of this endeavor is beginning to wear off.
Several times this week my tracking fell behind, and I had to catch up a day on.

Friday, Aug 8

Wow, busy week at work and home. My workout vids are getting boring. I find myself talking along with the stern, sage advice of Jillian Michaels and Shalene Johnson in a mocking tone. Need new vids, yet have vowed to do this 100 percent for free. OKC Library, here I come!

Saturday, Aug. 9

Aaaand those nice, fattening coconut macaroons I bought for the kids? Down the hatch. Resistance is futile.

Sunday, Aug. 10

I went way over the calorie limit a few times this week and yet remain in a deficit for my weekly goal, meaning I didn’t eat enough, somehow.

I know how, actually. I’ve been chasing down sources all over OKC and got too busy to break for chow. So rare that that happens.

I last week measured and entered the other markers of progress in MFP: inch measurements on neck, waist and hips, for the first time.

Weight loss has been slow. I’m eating the 1,200 calorie per day for two pounds of weight loss per week, entering everything, staying on track and losing *maybe* a pound a week. Doing the measurements helps encourage me. In a week I shaved a whole inch off the ‘ol frame. MFP, I wanna hug you!

Weight loss this week: 1 lb
Inches lost this week: 1 inch

Total weight loss: 4 lbs.

This is a place for my inner monologue on food and fitness to air as I try to drop my last 20 pounds of baby weight. Warning: could at any point be bitter, delicious, something about mint Oreo ice cream, talk about My Fitness Pal/Mussolini Fitness Pal, bashing ab Selfies, spurning hunger, giving myself a break, refusing dumb diets and avoiding the notion that this is easy. No, it’s hard. I’m kinda slow. I like cookies. However, fitness in particular helps me handle this topsy turvy world we occupy and good nutrition gives me strength and energy to survive busy days, so I hope to keep it up and meet my goal! xo. Check out the category The Last 20 Pounds to follow along. I hope I can make posts each week, updated throughout the week. Get caught up with Week 1. Week 2. Week 3. Week 4


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