The commish

Football season is upon us.

Beers will be had. Bets will be made. Fantasy football leagues will torture wives across the nation.

Mark is the commissioner for his fantasy football league this year. Soon, members of his league will descend upon St. Louis for the fantasy draft.

Mark proposed that each member of the league donate $10 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

It’s a bet we can’t loose. Little Eli’s life depends on research generated by the funds raised there.

Would you ask members of your fantasy football league to donate $5 to $10 to CF research? Here is the link to our fundraising page. You don’t even have to dump ice on your head!

That being said, I came up with an incentive. It involves Mark’s hair.

Here is the link to our CF Foundraising page. Right now, it stands at $655.


<p>If we can raise $50 in the next two weeks, Mark will chop his mop in to a faux hawk.

If we can raise $100, Mark will fashion a full-on punk rock mohawk.

If we can raise $200, Mark will wear a full-on “party in the back” mullet.

If we can hit $500 to $1,000, the mullet will include a rat tail.

After $1,000…I’m out of ideas. Do you have any?

Strings attached: Must be seen in public, including at the middle school where he teaches.

Did I mention I only ‘sort of’ cleared this with him. I think I’m in trouble.

It’s for the greater good.

It is written.

Do you like this idea? Will you share my post? Is this grounds for divorce? Can you suggest a lawyer?

j.k….I think.

Mark’s hair is a whole lot longer than what is shown here. Look how much he loves his buddy. Surely he won’t kill mommy for this blog post?


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