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A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!


Eli is on day 18 of a 21-day round of Bactrim to treat a cough that just wouldn’t stop.

He was on antibiotics for large portions of Sept. & Oct.

In this latest bout, the Bactrim knocked out his cough in two days. On day 9 it came back. Now it seems on its way out but he let out a good deep one just before bed.

It’s possible he just caught another cold while on the Bactrim. We can’t seem to stay well. I’ve got a chest cold with sore throat. I’m OK doing normal stuff but my body gives up about 4 p.m. & I get dizzy and sleepy. Mark is coming down with what I’ve got and Laila is well, knock on wood. It’s germ bag junction.

Eli is a spunky “sick” boy who does not act sick at all. He would rather body slam me n sis during his treatments.

Like so:

Eli’s quarterly cystic fibrosis visit is coming up next week. We might be starting a breathing treatment called pulmyzone. Wish us luck, because he can’t stand anything touching his face.

Speaking of which, I had a flashback which brought me to this video:

No, I have never been able to keep a mask on him ever, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. We’ll try again next week, cuz there ain’t no germs like CF clinic germs. Those need to stay away from my buddy!

The one time he wore a mask...because he was too little to get it off, poor guy!

The one time he wore a mask…because he was too little to get it off, poor guy!

Xo, be well


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