Mark Twitter wars with Pioneer Woman, news crew visits house, mommy wears election headphones, newspaper hats: The week in review

What an odd week.

In excellent news, Eli met his cousin Ben. OOOOhhhh Skype buddies. BFFS. goochie goochie goochie goo! Eli got practice saying “BB Ben” in his little staccato tot voice.

Oooh newest cousin/nephew you are soo cuuuuuute
Oooh newest cousin/nephew you are soo cuuuuuute

There was an election.

I disrupted it by requesting a provisional ballot and wearing weird election headphones, because I’m such a good, not at all lazy American citizen my friend Bryan told me to. Here in OK ya gotta go to the tag agency to regista ta vote. I did. Well, they never sent the paperwork into the election board, meaning I never registered per law of land. I whined to Bryan, former colleague at the pape who works at election board, about the tag agency — cuz like I have the time to take care of this again!? AS IF (paha). And then he did all this footwork and studied the process and found out with a few maneuvers that kappow shazam I was able to vote in a way that would be counted today, Friday. For whatever reason, casting a provisional ballot meant I had to put on magical election headphones and listen to the ballot and hog the ballot counter from all the eager elderly at my precinct. But it’s OK.


Thx, b!


In other news, a TV news crew arrived at my house and filmed me pouring my coffee into a mug and blathering on about finances, boxed wine “busted” and Ramen noodles “ain’t too proud.” My pal Rachel over at News9 is working on a series on family budgeting. Pretty much, no one wants to be open about it, she told me. I blame this on the ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ mentality — and now the Joneses are all up on everyones Facebook feed, one upping each other with reckless abandon! Well, screw all that, I’ll talk about the struggle! And btw, how the heck do you plan for chronic disease. How do you keep it from being your American dream serial killa? Working with Rachel on the series is a sweet gig from my end, because Rachel hooked me up with a personal finance whiz who will visit next week and help us to hash out financial goals moving forward. I’m really excited. It’s like – what I would have done if I had the time (PAHA) to find a person like this, and she just appeared! Thanks, Rachel! (She’s from the mitten…I knew I liked her)

Rachel reads my blog and was awesome enough to dance in honor of Eli at a Children’s fundraiser last year. She’s got moxy.

I gotta post that vid! OMG I never posted the VID!!!

In stranger news, I hopped in a time machine and rode it back to dinosaur times. Then, ran back in because T-Rex was about to waste me, and dropped into 1791, where sweaty mean in flouncy blouses and pantaloons were yelling at each other about whether to stick our top 10 most basic freedoms in to the Constitution — the rules. What’s freedom? It’s being the master of your own destiny — I mean, in charge of your life.

I mean….

Yeah, I lost the children too. I was talking to my daughter’s pre-K class about journalism. This included time travel, which almost made up for the civics lesson and recitation of the First Amendment and explanation of terms in 4-year-old vocab. But then we read a Batman book that talks back to you, which made up for the first part, and colored along the lines of who/what/when/where/why, and made newspaper hats. I’m calling it a win.


At work, I wrote about children getting raped and…

…that’s why I don’t write about work here.

I had a pre-school photo session today. I would not recommend. I mean, ppl are trying to get out the door. But I couldn’t help myself. Never mind that pop’s back got in the frame and there are random crumbs and items on the floor. Look at those faces…

My bbs, growing up so fast.






Last but not least, I gave a shout out to Oklahoma’s No. 1 favorite and hilarious blogger, Pioneer Woman, by sending on Twitter a link she posted that I liked, like so:

Mark followed up … eeeehhhhh



So –

BUT SERIOUSLY he is handsome in real life.


We are going horse back riding tomorrow.

What an odd week. My husband is getting on a horse.

Happy anniversary, darlin’!

Yee haw


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