Our anniversary: a recap in 10 seconds / #healthy65 update


We made it another year! Woooo!

Mark and I celebrated our 6th anniversary with a little adventure: a trail ride on horseback.

We thought it’d be just us and a guide, real romance!

my man. mustachio
my man. mustachio

It was more like 15 people and a guide. At first I was disappointed, then it got pretty good. My favorite in the party were a gentleman and his two lady friends. Gal 1, a teeny Chinese- born gal, was terrified and yelled ‘eeeeeeee!’ Every time her horse did anything – this was actually adorable. A second lady in the party rode a rather naughty horse named Lily, who she constantly reprimanded. The man of the group knew how to ride and trotted his horse, prompting scolding from the instructor, who had told us we’d be fined $50 for running the horses. Well, trotting isn’t running, noted the fellow and I in bemused indignation … AS IF! — but the reprimands from the guide were still entertaining. Next, everybody in the riding party learned the guide’s lady friend had received a visit from ‘Aunt Flo,’ was moody and wouldn’t be coming to dinner. The guide became engrossed with his cell for the latter half of the 2-hour trek, and thus, the fellow from my favorite riding party, Mark and I conducted ‘secret trots’ behind his back for the duration. Then there was horse drama! Gal 1’s horse bucked another horse, narrowly missing her man friend’s leg — and she screeched like never before! Near by, Lily got ideas and bucked a separate horse. Lily’s rider fell off! She landed on a stick! To her credit she got right back on.

At that point Mark and I had to question how well these horses were being treated. They were rather grumpy and horse rebellion appeared imminent. My horse was a pretty brown gal named Easy. Mark rode Black Jack. We completed the trail ride without falling off.

It was a win. Oooh I might start riding again. I never did learn to gallop.

OK it probably took you more than 10 seconds to read that, but I’m a wordy type of person. I made this 10-second video for the re-cap.

In other news, I kicked off my Healthy 65 Holiday Challenge yesterday. Today is Day 2!

I will at minimum drink lots of water.

Ideally, I will concoct a healthy lunch bowl of protein source, brown rice and veggies.

The gold standard is for me to make it to yoga at the Y later.

I’m really excited that people are Tweeting about it! Check out the work of some of my friends and Twitter followers!

Check out the stylings of Jennifer, a colleague and friend of mine from the way back, when we toiled at The Star newspaper in the Chicago south burbs.

No doubt she just resisted a tray of sweets staring at her in the face at a conference ALL DAY. Way to go, Dooley!

My awesome co-worker Jenni Carlson has created Sugarfree Mondays and was cool enough to write a blog for our News org!

Check it out:

A young powerful lady has jumped on board. State senator-elect Stephanie Bice is all about doing the #healthy65. Thanks, Stephanie! Congrats on your win!

And I’m proud of this lady for drinking green tea. #nicework #nicework

You are free to jump into this challenge at any time, sharing your efforts on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #healthy65 to tie it all together. You are also free to participate in total or semi-secrecy dressed like a ninja.

In yet more news, a news crew is again coming to my house this morning.

I’ll be meeting with a financial guru to see what financial goals we can try to hit moving forward.

Beyond general financial wellness — let’s save, travel, fund college for our kids and retire! –, what’s driving me is one burning question: How does one fund chronic disease, which is tops in its ability to bankrupt hard-working American people. That’s right, contrary to yelling talking heads, several studies out of Harvard have analyzed bankruptcy filings and found that a majority of those legions filing for bankruptcy who cite chronic disease as a cause are middle class employed people with private health insurance. People like us. People who become sick, lose the ability to work, lose insurance plans and then die. Wee!

Did you know half of people will get cancer? A University of Michigan cancer doctor told me that when a few years ago I asked if it was rare or surprising that a former collegiate athlete who had never smoked in his life and lived a healthier-than-average lifestyle got lung cancer.

“Isn’t that rare, doctor? Do you find it extraordinary?”

“Oh, NAH, half of people will get cancer.”


Sorry, don’t meant to be depressing. We are trying to be like the Boy Scouts: prepared.

And, Eli’s quarterly CF clinic visit is tomorrow.

Wish little man luck!



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