#healthy65 Day 2: Bowls, the assembled meal

I never claimed to be a maven of the domestic sphere- but I can assemble a bowl, darnit!

My lunch bowls include:

1 cup grain
1 cup or so veggie
Protein source like chicken, egg or tofu
1-2 tbs of sauce – I like ethnic food sauces and usually theme a bowl around some other country’s food traditions.

Today I used:
Quinoa –
Steamed broccoli and carrots- ala Target bagged, washed n pre-cut (roasted would have been better!)
About 1/4 cup cubed, steamed
butternut squash (ala magic of Target frozen food section).
1 tbs blue cheese crumbles
1-2 tbs Annie Chung hot n sweet sauce.

Eli, on the other hand, got a taco dish, with xtra salt, butter, sour cream and cheese. That’s healthy for him! Little man needs 1900 calories per day compared to mommy’s My Fitness Pal 1200/day plan!

What will your ‘healthy thing’ be for Day 3?

Inspired by other posters on Twitter, I’m tempted to put in extra snuggle time with my littles. And I’m overdue for a Baby Ben Skype!



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