I am baking. May God have mercy on our souls, amen.

Hey ya’ll.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but tonight, I decided to bake. And so, that’s what I am doing.

Also, drinking wine and listening to the podcast “Serial” while Mark mashes potatoes and food preps.

I thought it might be fun to post periodic baking updates.

Cuz I don’t bake. Like, ever…never ever.

But in the spirit of holiday togetherness, we decided to invite a few people over. It is an occasion for baked goods.

Wish me luck.

9:37: It is 9:37 p.m., and I am about to put my first-ever from-scratch cake in the oven.

Please don’t implode, explode, melt or collapse. Amen.


9:47: potential snafu: No parchment paper. Improvisation: flattened cupcake baking cups. Pictured are my inspirations: Cook’s Country and Malbec.


Cakes are our of oven, frosting is whipped. Now I shall chill, as in, watch Netflix, wrap my cakes in plastic, cover the frosting and refrigerate.

Whew! Glad this section of the baking is done.

Will my cake turn out to look and taste like the picture- perfect dream below? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


Nov. 28

Whew, got too busy with cooking and hosting to post, but here is my cake! The fam loved it, Laila most of all.

It didn’t rise too much. Anyone have any tips along those lines?



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