This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!


Ni hao, hola, hi
It’s that time in life
When we bid adieu
The last 365

I write from the north
From this great land of Lincoln
Where we just cycled through
Bouts of mad crazy pukin’

Yes holiday flu
Has befallen my family
Gathered together
It became a calamity!

Now on the mend,
Our spewing trials behind us
Raise a glass and an eyebrow
It’s time to get nonplussed

Planes disappearing
A plane shot down!
They never did pin it
On that Putin clown

Ebola and ISIS
And Cuban cigars
Deadly force riots
Bring Back Our girls

Ice buckets, World Cup
‘publicans beat drums
Kim Jong-un squashes movies
Where are my Tums?

Pot hits a new high
Gays nuptials’ vindicated
A probe sits on a comet
Taylor Swift – guh – inundated

Outrage at everything
From everywhere
Blew up Instagram n Twitter
From slackers’ armchairs

But life’s more than headlines
Life’s more than noise
Quiet moments
Brought my family joy.

Eli broke the scale
Laila started school
My head averted explosion!
Mark’s hair remained cool

At least three people
Called Mark European
He was accused of dressing up
Like Johnny Cash on Halloween

“These are my regular clothes,”
He said with a shrug
Failing to suppress
A smile from his mug

With this latest bout
of Pukestown, USA
We’re reminded that good health
Should make anyone’s day.

With wheels and a map
We vowed to wander — never lost
With this 2014 creed
The land we cris-crossed!

In 2015, we hope for the same
So much to experience, explore and be gained.
There will be trials – there always are
For those we become stronger
With strength, we’ll go far.

2015- bring it
2014- adieu!
There’ll never be
Another one quite like you


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