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Can I just say – my dead mother would not approve of the title of this post.

She found swearing tacky except while driving.

Thus, just as I spell out swear words in front of my children, I strategically placed an asterisk as to not anger the spirit of Geedge.

I got a blender for Christmas. My little sister, Emily, got a Vitamix (you b*tch).

For those unfamiliar with the world of green smoothies, a Vitamix
is, like, the Holy Grail of smoothie makers.

Not having one is among the yuppies’ most serious of all first world problems — right behind discovering your fave Keurig cups are out of stock at Target.

I decided to begin competing with Emily and her Vitamix.

Blender v. Vitamix.


This is my favorite place for green smoothie recipes. Simple Green Smoothies puts on four 30-day challenges per year that entail drinking one green smoothie a day for 30 days. The latest started Jan. 1.

For those unfamiliar with green smoothies, these are concoctions of greens and fruit that look like algae and taste like fruit.

I’ll have to double check, but a good rule of thumb is two cups
of a green like spinach or kale or whatever, three-ish cups of fruit and 2 cups of a liquid, like water, coconut milk, almond milk, soy, actual milk, or fruit juice.

If you have a good recipe or green smoothie tip, share it below or send me a note. XO


One thought on “Blend this, b*tch

  1. Ruth says:

    Hi there!
    Okay – I will try one! We’ll see how it goes.

    Hey – good prices on Keurig coffee at Amazon. Let me know if you want me to send you the link to where we buy. I think it comes out to about $.60/cup.

    Happy New Year.

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