In 2015, I resolve nothing #healthy65, Day 58/65, week 9/10

I keep forgetting to update the #healthy65 Holiday Challenge here since I’ve been running it mostly on and Twitter.

This is Day 58/65, Week 9/10 of the #healthy65 Holiday Challenge. For 65 days, Nov. 10-Jan. 13, participants have been encouraged to do one simple, healthy thing of their choosing daily — social, emotional, spiritual, physical, whatever.

Here’s the latest on my #healthy65, my New Year’s pledge to resolve nothing in 2015 after blathering on about how I was going to lose weight and run a marathon in 2014.

Those are the worst resolutions ever! Don’t make those!

And all I got was Chondromalacia patella, a knee condition that sounds like VD. Mreh.

As I said, here’s what I plan to do now nothing. Sweet, sweet nothing.

The #healthy65 helped me out this holiday season. It all started on Thanksgiving, followed by Eli’s birthday, a holiday road trip to Texas, a visit from my pops and his gal Kathy, and 2,000 miles on the road and 38 hours in the car for Christmastime fun with fam and friends and flu in Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis.

Despite my sour attitude on resolutions, I’m glad to report that I *managed to not gain any weight* over the holidays.

I have the #healthy65 to thank for that. And the stomach flu. Thanks you two!

Nature: it makes me happy.
Nature: it makes me happy.

Have you taken on the challenge to do one healthy thing per day during the time period of Nov. 10-Jan. 13? What positive changes have come about because of it?

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