Peachy keen kale smoothie

I concocted a simple, tasty green smoothie today, and this is how to make it:

2 cups kale
1/4 or 1/2 banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup canned sliced peaches packed in juice.
2-3 cups water

Blend kale and 2 cups water until puréed smooth. Set aside.

Blend banana, strawberry, peaches in juice and 1 cup water until smooth.

Combine with kale mixture and blend.


This one has a great taste. For a protein element, I added 1 cup fat free vanilla Greek yogurt.

Reducing the fruit by just a little bit means even with the yogurt, about half of the resulting mixture is a 150- 175 calorie snack.

To make it more caloric for my 2-year-old son, who needs 2,000 calories a day due to fat absorption issues caused by CF, I would use full fat Greek yogurt and/or heavy whipping cream.

What are you blending up these days?



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