Shaking off a cough

Eli started up with a little cough again pretty much the second he got off of his antibiotic from the last go-round.

That means he’s spending 1.5 hours a day on his shaking vest and tends to be none too pleased about this arrangement. We kill time by playing choo choos and trucks and watching cartoons about choo choos and trucks.

Here he is yesterday. He loves staring at his own face on my iPhone:

Here he is being “all done!” I had my hand over the sound thingy on my iPhone, but you can see how happy he is to finish his treatment.

I hope we can knock this one off before we need more antibiotics.

That being said: I’ve accepted he’s just going to be on these drugs often, and at some point, all the time; just a year ago or more ago I remember I found putting him on antibiotics somewhat traumatizing. Not so any more. At least some of his challenges are becoming normal routines for us.

Eli likes sitting by mommy while he does his vest, even if we’re just chilling there with the TV. I love being able to take care of my lil guy.

We still haven’t started Pulmozyme, an inhaled breathing treatment that will think out the mucus in his sinuses and lungs. Our clinic recommends this med start at age 2; Eli turned 2 in early December.

I was so gung-ho when I got the meds I wanted to start him on this new treatment before his birthday. I changed my mind. We’ve been dragging our feet, as it turns out. It felt like starting a new med was too much stress for us and Eli around his birthday. Then, ahead of the holidays. Then it felt like too much to start during the holidays. We did a tour de Midwest — St. Louis, Chicago and Milwaukee — over 11 days. Doing his vest during our travels while visiting with six fun cousins bummed Eli out. When I got the vest out, he hid. He screamed. He threw himself on the ground. He wanted to play. OK, lil guy, I get it — I won’t add something extra. This something extra, Pulmozyme, is something that will begin now and last Eli’s whole life.

We’re finally ready. Mark and I need to watch the informational videos that came along with the treatment.

And, we’re going to have help.

My friend Erika with the Traveling Bear Society sent a teddy named Punkie for Eli to hug.

My prediction is with the help of Punkie, he’ll be a real big boy taking on this new treatment.


Eli, cowboy
Eli, cowboy

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