0 to crud in 60 seconds

I put a note on my Facebook page for Eli that buddy improved and was no longer coughing.

Shouldn’t have done that.

The very next day, he went from 0 to crud.

Overnight, he started hacking.

Zero cough to cruddy cough in less than 24 hours. That’s a new one.

He sounded wheezy this morning, so we gave him a treatment of Albuterol, which opens up the lung plumbing.

If he continues to sound icky, I believe we will go for another round of antibiotics, sooner rather than later.

Darn – I thought we finally shook an illness off! He was cough-free for a good two weeks.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. The incident of a few weeks back had me nervous to leave buddy’s side. Eli’s room is upstairs. I ended up going upstairs to sleep in my daughter’s room so I could be near by if Eli had any trouble.

He was just fine. One of his hacks woke me up, but that was all I heard overnight. I checked on him two or three times. The incident from the other week really scared us.

Below is a photo from Mark I got via text this morning. I also put the photo on Instagram. I had to crop Mark’s hair out there as it didn’t fit the square format. That’s some tall hair, pop!

He’s such a good daddy.

The text made me want to sing “Whatta Man” by Salt n Peppa.

I wanna take a minute or two to give much respect to, to the man who’s made a difference in my world…

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


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