This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Quick note: Eli’s 0-to-crud-in-60-second cough has improved a lot.

Daily, he is on 1.5 hours of vest, an antibiotic and breathing treatments of Albuterol plus our new treatment, Pulmozyme for a cruddy cough that appeared out of nowhere. He doesn’t have a consistent cough any more, but he coughs during his treatments. That’s good because it means his lung juices are flowing, expelling troublesome gunk.

Little man turns off his compressor and says “All done!” before he’s done. He’s just about had it with all this stuff.

When we turn it back on, he says, “Don’t do that!”

It breaks mommy’s heart a little.

It makes me smile, too, though, my little buddy using words to exert a little control over his tot life.

“Don’t do that!”

He says it with such determination and confidence. Nice work, buddy!


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