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Laila summed up her feelings on Valentine’s Day by puking all over us.

Mark and I had settled down with wine, beer and “Chasing Amy” on Netflix (How have I never seen that movie?) Saturday for our attempt at celebrating Valentine’s Day when Laila started spewing, crying and convulsing.

That poor little lady. Her poor little parents.

She puked all night, a stunning rainbow spanning stomach-acid yellow to burnt sienna. You know, like the Crayola color. Horrid color, burnt sienna.

Mark took care of her.

That’s how we do it when something as contagious as gastro bug comes out to play. The strategy is, we try to limit exposure to one adult.

I’m already sick with a chest/sinus infection that just keeps on giving, and that means, Mark gets the gastro short straw.

I’ve avoided getting too close during my ride on the germ-go-round to Laila, and especially Eli buddy, as to note pass it on. He runs to me when I get home, outstretched arms, yelling “Mama! Mama!” and angling for a hug and a cuddle. Little guy gets confused when mommy just pats him on the head and kinda snuggles at arm’s length.

It’s taken some determination to keep my germs away, because he’s just chubby, and cuuuute, and he’s started saying “Tankoo,” which means “Thank you,” and he says it really fast and it makes me wanna squeeze him like Ooooohyousocuuuuuutesmooshsmooshsmooshface!

But with Mark dealt the gastro caregiver card, I took care of Eli, and with zero energy levels, that pretty much looked like me lying on a bed why he played choo choos all day and us washing our hands to the point of crack-and-bleed.

Lil buddy’s morning Cf care made me tired and Eli mad. It was just one of those days.

Right now, Mark is giving Eli his nighttime vest and letting me rest. I’m in bed in our quarantined playroom. Laila, feeling better, just came into my space to get toys for Eli, who is again screaming and PO’d at doing his care.

Now from my isolated chamber, I can hear he is calm and laughing.

Laila puked on Valentine’s Day, but she taught us with her burnt sienna piles what love isn’t and what it is.

You won’t find it in a heart-shaped candy box.

It’s taking care of one another!


With no energy to take new adorable Valentine’s Day pictures of my kids, here are some old ones.

P.P.S. I really have to thank Laila for puking, too (Thanks, darling!) because it made me write something again after a 2-week-plus break. Thanks darling, for inspiring me, and giving me a good reason to reflect on puke and health and love and Valentine’s Day, and dig into my photo archives…and…OH LOOK!

Eli in baby sweater pants. BABY SWEATER PANTS.

Because, sweater pants.

Because, sweater pants.

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One thought on “Happy Valentine’s BLEHh

  1. Christine Ellison says:

    Lovin the pictures of these cuties but sorry to hear that Laila and you are not feeling so great. Get better soon. Hugs from afar


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