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I wanted to post an update on our savings efforts, which I initially launched as a savings smack down/supply spending crackdown with a trip to Disney World in Fla. on a stick

New rule!

Disney’s scrapped. The ocean is my new (cheaper) carrot.

First of all, after launching an effort to get to Disney, we remembered my son is 2. Two! Two as in, unable to sit still for five minutes in the library check-out line.

Also, Disney’s expensive. We’re going to need to save for more than three months to get us all there. And once we’re there, it’d be swell if my kids remembered something about it.

Also noted: Disney World’s California counterpart came down with the measles. No one wants to contract measles at the Happiest Place on Earth! (Note: ground zero for a less media-savvy 2014 outbreak of measles in 2014 was in Ohio Amish country. No one seems to know this. Why doesn’t anyone know this? Oh who cares).

There are two ways we’ve boosted our savings.
1. Tighter spending at the grocer
2. Doubling down on automated withdrawals from checking to savings. We have four automated deductions of $150 that come out every Friday.

We’re getting there. We are not perfect at this. We’ve had to rob our savings account to pay our sitter and/or eat, but we’re getting there.

We booked a campsite at an RV park. Never done an RV park. Aunt and Uncle are there now (Hey Ronnie n Cheryl!). They have a hooptie RV of their own, and a really nice spare one for us that they shall park. Besides shuffleboard (yay cuz I’m old!), there is a giant pool, towering slide, wellness center, a bar (wee!), and other land-cruise-esque amenities.

The cost of our lodgings: $475 for seven nights. Done and done. Besides the borrowed RV, we arranged to stay with a pal (Hi, Lauren!) in Birmingham, Ala., for we are driving.

The price of gas is a nice bonus at present. Here in Oklahoma, I filled up my minivan (hush, it’s a living room on wheels) for $22 yesterday. That being said, we will be renting a new car rather than putting the wear and tear on our ‘ol tanker.

My estimate for the remaining cost is:
Gas, per AAA trip cost calculator: $330-$400 (depending on whether we take a day trip anywhere)
Rental car: Oooh. Estimates from are ranging anywhere from $44 to $81 a day ($440-$810) for a living room on wheels that can accommodate us and our stuff.
And that means we need to get cracking on deals. Any tips?
Food and attractions – (I anticipate a lot of cook-outs and the ocean as the main event) $300-$350

Bottom line: We’ve already paid for lodgings and have saved an additional $500.
Savings bottom line: On the low end, we need another $1,070. On the high end, $1,710.

The good news: Coming our way is $900 in childcare savings brought on by Mark’s two-week teacher break, which nearly pays for the remainder of the trip.

The bad news: We need to host a garage sale, thus bumping our savings cushion generally and providing something extra for the vacation.

The good news: Am encouraged that we have gotten this far and even without a sale, we’re going to be OK.

Wish us luck. And motivation. Because we will need both.

In the mean time, my family continues eating frozen meat from bags, like last night’s tilapia, courtesy of Aldi. Mark defrosted & encrusted it in a pretzel mixture before whipping up pan-fried potatoes and roasted asparagus on the side, courtesy of Walmart. And the potatoes were organic! Shi shi Ooh lala.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Not bad, darlin’. Not bad at all.


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