This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

It’s been a wild few weeks.

I turned older, and to celebrate, got a coupla tats. Because nothing says ‘I’m old and I don’t care’ like ink.

A good friend died of leukemia and I traveled down to Indiana, land of my kin, to say goodbye.

My news outlet had layoffs – I’m still employed – and we moved to a new space in downtown Oklahoma City.

I caught the bronchitis and ended up in urgent care. And, no, I ain’t got time for that. All patched up now.

On the way to school on a recent morning, I had the following *conversation with my daughter. For background, she and her little people friends at school have taken a liking to threatening each other the withholding of birthday party invitations, and also, bragging about social engagements.

*names changed to protect the innocent*

Laila: “*Katie says she’s going to a Luau and I’m not.”

Me: “OK, well, what’s wrong with that?”

Laila: “Well she said it in a mean voice.”

Me: “You realize you don’t have to let her make you upset, right? You are in control of your own emotions. Like, she can say something mean and you can ignore it. Or just be positive and tell her ‘Hey, that sounds really fun!’ It sounds like she needs some positive attention.”

Laila: “Well she made me mad.”

Me: “OK, well, you don’t have to get mad. You don’t have to react. If someone tries to make you mad, and instead you act happy, then you win.”

Laila: “I like winning.”

There you have it. My wise words got through…for the most part, I think….

Have a wonderful day!




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