A few good hacks

Oh, bollox.

Eli’s been coasting along sans cough for a few weeks, but overnight, he gave out a few good hacks.

They were loud enough to wake me up. That being said, I was in Laila’s room next door to Eli at the time. That’s because Laila buddy usually wakes up scared between 11 and 1 a.m., fumbles downstairs, crawls into our bed, flops all over me, smacks me in the face with a flailing limb and kicks the covers off. She’s never liked covers, that Laila. Usually, I go sleep in the guest room, because flailing, flopping, cover-free Laila disrupts mommy’s sleep, but for some reason, I ended up upstairs in her bed last night.

Eli’s cough sounded super cruddy, so I’ve just e-mailed his CF clinic inquiring about an antibiotic. He’s got snot the color of Slimer, too. I don’t like it when he goes from almost no cough to ultra cruddy cough.

All I gotta say is — I can’t wait for cold and flu season to end!

Eli’s got lots of energy and isn’t acting sick at all. We played in an OKC rarity this weekend — snow.

Bear in the bamboo
Bear in the bamboo

Since it rarely snows we don’t have much in the way of snow gear.Luckily, one of our 3.4 million boy cousins provided him with a snowsuit that got used for the first time. The snow suit freaked him out. “What is this, waterproof zip-up overall contraption(?!)” he cried out. But it sounded more like “MREEEH MREEEEH! EEEGH! NO.” Poor Eli not only had to wear personal protective snow gear, he had to bear the indignity of wearing sissy’s non-water proof fashion boots with plastic bags tied on. He was none too pleased about this arrangement, either, crying “Snow gods, you smite me!” with a fist pointed at the sky. I know, I know.

Laila made snow angels, got cold and went inside. Then Eli got to put on sister’s utility snow boots. Aw poor lil guy bearing the indignity of sharing sister’s stuff.

He next mowed the snow to prove his manliness in the face of purple boots.

Just mowin' the snow...
Just mowin’ the snow…
Eli mows snow. Someone's gotta do it.
Eli mows snow. Someone’s gotta do it.

We’ve been losing our minds these last few cold weekends.

After playing 234.78 rounds of “volleyball” with a yellow balloon, we realized what we really needed was to get out. My sister gave Mark a restaurant gift card for Christmas (thx sis) which provided the antidote to our stir craziness via a family date to Cattleman’s Steakhouse. There, Eli ate an orange wedge, rind and all. He was rather hungry.

On the way home, Laila recited a mocking version of her school creed.

the end.


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