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Pale and freckled creature that I am, I’ve been slathering on moisturizer with SPF since the mid-1990s tanning bed heyday.

I’m not sure how I managed to care about skin at a time no one else seemed to. I blame genetics.

My grandmother on my mom’s side moisturized and stayed out of the sun from her teens in the 30s until the day she died.

No joke, as she lay in her casket back in ’06, I looked at my own mother next to me and whispered “Damn grandma’s skin looks good.”

Moisturizers…” my mom whispered back.


Any way, as I stretch the limits of frugality, I’ve delved into budget beauty products.

Here are three lines or products I rather love and a bonus tip from a woman with flawless skin I met at the courthouse.

1. Aldi Lacura products — At present I hit the Q10 Day Cream, Q10 Night Cream and moisturizing face wash from this line. I’d use more of the line but those are all my store carries. These products are under $5 (!).

2. Alba Botanica. I like ’em. This is the Jessica Alba line. New product I discovered at Target today! De-puffing eye gel for under $4 (!). I also enjoy Alba Botanica Good & Clean facial cleanser. ($5.99 at Target).

3. Coconut oil. Lip gloss. Glowy cheeks. Under-eye moisturizer. Rub it on ya paws. Shaving cream. 100 percent less cholesterol than butter. You will smell like a batch of cookies. I bought a big jar of organic extra virgin coconut oil from the health food store after hopping on yet another superfood bandwagon. My kids hated the taste! Of course they did! So now it’s in my bathroom.


I couldn’t help but notice a 65-year-old woman I was interviewing in the courthouse hallway had flawless skin, even standing in the ugly courthouse tones of grey and brown and orange jail suits and bad lighting. Her secret, as it turns out, is simply a giant jug of Vitamin E moisturizing cream that comes in a yellow container at Costco. I don’t have a membership and she couldn’t remember a brand name. If you spot this and can ID it, let me know!


What budget skincare products have you discovered?

Oooh, feet.

Oooh, feet.

I try to write about our effort to save, survive and thrive each Monday in the category Money Madness. My family is on a new kind of adventure since the birth of my son Eli, now 2, who has cystic fibrosis. He likes choo choos. We like to defray costs and plan adventures.

Bookmark us. xo


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