Spotted at Aldi: 14 camping, road tripping and otherwise outdoorsy products

My weekly ALDI shopping trip is always full of surprises.

The low-price grocer keeps the basics around around but has a good deal of rotating products.

Available this week: A tree trimmer. An eight-person tent. A two-person garden swing.

ALDI really wants me to go camping, I have learned. And also, to hope on a bike. And also, enjoy some leisure time in my backyard.

I was there to budget shop for groceries. I didn’t buy any of the outdoor gear. Just made a few mental bookmarks.

I did walk away with this:Aldi Arnold Palmers

Below check out the gear I spotted at my local ALDI in Oklahoma City.

Road trip gear

Stuff to distract the kids is a No. 1 road trip priority. Here are three products that caught my eye: an organizer, magnetic sketch pad/book selections and kid-friendly headphones.
road trip gear aldi

road trip gear aldi

road trip gear aldi

Backyard gear

I’d like some relaxation gear for the backyard this summer. This two-person swing for $99 caught my eye. I also liked the bean-bag kit.


Aldi bean bag toss

Camping gear

The most inexpensive form of travel has got to be camping. I saw lots I wanted and some I already have. We already have a tent, but the one ALDI is offering up looks like a nice, basic model. I’d love a coupla cots, b/c…ew bugs on the ground.






Biking gear

Cycling is something I’d like to get into more. Not so much on the street, but here in Oklahoma City, we have a number of new bike paths opening up. At present, we don’t even have bikes. I have a bike in my garage I need to donate. Laila has a tricycle she’s outgrown. I hope we can score some bikes this summer to enjoy the great outdoors as a fam.  I’m getting antsy. OKC and the southern plans has been hit with rains and severe storms these last few weeks. It’s great for the drought — yes.  However, my kids are losing their minds and we’re not too far behind. Luckily, summer isn’t too far away. Hopefully ALDI will still be offering up some good basics, like a mini bike repair kit, a few weeks from now.






That’s all for now. I’m so proud I didn’t impulse buy the whole outdoor section. OK, was that 14 products, as per my blog post title? Oh who’s counting? Tata!

I’m excited tonight, for we are having our talented artsy friends over to dream up trinkets and the like to sell to raise CF Awareness (and money to cover Eli’s nanny) for an Etsy shop. Stay tuned as the offerings will be on the blog!

Check out some more ALDI finds and prices in my slideshow.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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