@NKOTB : A review in Tweets and Haiku

I attended a New Kids on the Block concert with pal Brianna in Oklahoma City.

Her Haiku sums it up, by and large:

Also notable: A weird Cottonelle product placement. Joey’s abs. Jordan’s falsetto. Wind machines. Thrusting. More thrusting.

No heels for me. I did apply blue eyeliner in honor of NKOTB era.

Reporter Bailey is about 1000x funnier than me. Evidence:

It didn’t get hot in herrr, and we were kind of glad. No, really glad. It was past our bedtimes. Nelly didn’t show.


Notable tribute from TLC to Left Eye. The rapper died in a 2002 car accident. They never replaced her.

Waterfalls took me back to ’94.


I’d go again.


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