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Melon-o-maniac, the smoothie obsessed with its own power.

Watermelon season is in full swing. How could I not concoct a smoothie to pay tribute to this lovely melon?

Here it is:
2 cups diced watermelon
1 cup diced cantaloupe
2 cups spinach
2 cups water
ice cubes to frost it up since none of this is frozen

Blend spinach with water. Add fruit a cup at a time. Add ice cubes for icy goodness.

Enjoy! That simple!

Full disclosure: Eli and Laila would not drink this. What gives? My children don’t like watermelon. What kind of kid doesn’t like watermelon? I loved the mild, sweet flavor.

Since I am always trying to fatten Eli, I added heavy whipping cream and yogurt to his smoothie, lied and told him it was a brand new smoothie I just made, and he then loved it. So gullible, 2-year-olds. Laila was a lost cause.

Random fact: My kids – particularly Laila – at first refused to drink green smoothies. Why? Because they were green. Not pink. True story. In December we went to Grapevine, Texas, Christmas Capital of Earth, for a weekend trip. While there we saw a Christmas show that featured Santa and two creepy elves that evoked the weird, mean elves at the mall Santa display in “A Christmas Story.” At the end of the show in Texas, every kid got a “chocolate frosty mug” with chocolate milk and whipped cream. There is nothing stunning about this mug. It is plastic, about the size of a coffee mug, and laced with silver sparkles. It has a green snap-on lid and a hole for a straw. I get PTSD just looking at the things, but my children associate happy memories with these cups, apparently.

When I put green smoothies in the chocolate frosty mug, Laila drinks them.

Eli sees Laila is drinking from her chocolate frosty mug and wants his chocolate frosty mug, from which he sucks down smoothies.

I bought nectarines and plums with which to experiment today.

Quiz: What does a megalomaniac and the melon-o-maniac smoothie have in common?

Humility is not on the ingredient list. Badum chhh. OK that was bad.

So far so good on the smoothie every day. How about you? If you try a recipe and tweak it, love it, hate it, do let me know in the comments sectio or by sending a note!



One thought on “Smoothie every day: Melon-o-maniac

  1. We’ve been on a healthy snack streak lately! We’ve found a good replacement for pizza!


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