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If you are searching for classic outdoor kid games to play today, July 4, or any other day this summer, here is a round-up.

I found the best guide on of all places, which only proves my soul is 89.

Read these, memorize, and for God’s sake put down your iPad.

Of course, outdoor games are good fun and good exercise, a bonus for all.

1. Capture the flag
The rules
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever — this game rules.

2. Red Rover
This game has been dubbed too violent to some, supporting the notion that yes, Americans, we are soft, weak and coddled.
The rules

3. Hop scotch
Ya gotta hop scotch. All you need is chalk!

4. Red light, green light
The rules

5. Hide and seek
Great even for tots. You know the rules.

6. The sneaky sprinkler – you only need a sprinkler or a spray nozzle and someone to man the controls.
The rules Little did I know this was dubbed a game the other day as I periodically soaked Laila on the trampoline. I have never heard her laugh harder.

7. Swing the statue
Prior to my Google search, I’d never heard of it. Apparently it is less competition and more entertainment value, as the point is to hold your position longest after being flung around. Ye who moves first is “it” next.
The rules

The games I picked skew young kid – 2-7, because that’s who will be at my backyard bbq today. There are more games and rules listed on here. What have we missed? What is your favorite outdoor game?

Happy July 4, everyone! xo


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