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Indeed, Oklahoma has a tax-free holiday tied to back-to-school shopping.

Does your state?



In Oklahoma, the sales tax holiday is Aug. 7 to 9 for clothing and footwear, with a tax-free limit at $100 or less of this merch. Mail, email, telephone and web sales are tax-free so long as the items are paid for and available for immediate purchase during the sales tax holiday. It's OK if the purchases arrive after the holiday ends.

There's a robust debate around sales tax holidays. (TAX DEBATE! PARTY!)

According to this bankrate article, the days are either gimmicks that cost states or a boost to local economies.

I scored mega deals at a PTA school uniform sale for Laila ($37 for all manner of Land's End and other quality skirts, dresses and tops.) but she needs some basics like leggings and socks, so my family will shop during this holiday.

What do you think? Does your state offer a tax-free holiday? Should it? Why/not?

ENOUGH. Now look at all this sampling of adorable school uniform pieces I snagged from the PTA sale. Yes, ’twas I who got there early and picked over the best swag. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XO

Check out the article and map to see if you can get a back-to-school tax break.

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