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A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

On and off I’ve been hunting for resources that will help us to better prepare financially for Eli’s future.

I e-mailedf finance journalists (who ignored me) and searched online without any luck.

Looking back, though, it may have been more than a keyword problem.

I wasn’t using the search term “special needs” because I didn’t *actually* want to accept that Eli had any.

In the conversation where I officially learned Eli had CF, though my tears, I’d said that I didn’t want him to feel different. I didn’t want him to feel sick.

But he is different. And though he is fighting battles we can’t see, he still has to fight every day to keep his body healthy.

While keeping up with time-intensive care, managing medicines and doctor bills and, you know, everything else in life, it feels totally overwhelming to even contemplate what steps we might need to take or what help is already out there on the financial end.

Point is, reading random personal finance articles tonight I found a great organization that I plan to contact.

It is called the Special Needs Alliance. 

It’s just a start, but it’s better than what I had yesterday: nothin’.




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