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November is in full swing, and I’m a fall-lovin’ kinda gal. Here are the things I’m into these days.


I grew up in Michigan, and I’m pretty sure by this time of year the trees are lookin’ sparse in the naaaawth.  But here in Oklahoma, the fall colors seem to peak in November.


I am my mother’s daughter and I’m wearing her scarf. This pashmina is so out it’s in.

Running in the fall

This is the best time of year to take a run. Bonus: I’ve got new sneakers. They are purple. Below boot is not my running footwear, but I did spot it in a parking lot during a Sunday morning half marathon in Oklahoma City in October. Someone had a helluva Saturday night. A lone boot and broken glass were all that was left to tell the tale. Inspiration for apocalyptic novel opening scene?

Fall back

And put the kids to bed early.

Eating my kids’ Halloween candy

Guilty as charged. Your mini Crunch bar is mine.

The First Amendment

I love it year-round 24/7/365. My petition asking the pharma co. Vertex to control its insane pricing has more than 50,000 signatures right now.



Because bein cozy is the best.

My wedding anniversary

Listen: We are balancing careers, two kids under five, middle class-ish financial strain, my son’s health issues and this crazy thing called marriage. If I can get out the door in the morning without dropping an F-bomb it’s a momentous occasion. I’m not saying it’s always pretty. We are just a coupla moody free-spirit misfits who found one another. Love *is* kind – and maddening  – marriage is hard work, and I don’t know how I’d get through life without Mark (and his unruly hair). I found a man who does laundry ya’ll. I love you, Mark, and your military-precision folded towels.


Contemplating Thanksgiving: To cook, potluck, order or go out for Chinese?

At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

Thinking about a future garden

This year I spent four weekends making raised beds and planted lots of wildflowers. I’ve been meaning to do a wrap up post on my ‘Frugal family, budget garden’ thread for weeks. The veggie yield? Oi – sparse. Like, I couldn’t even grab a turnip and declare I’m never gonna go hungry again. It’s fun for me to think about what I’m going to do differently next spring.

Roasting vegetables

IMG_4174holiday movies and TV nostalgia

I’m talkin’ Cheers Thanksgiving (Cheers season 5 episode 9 “Thanksgiving Orphans”IF YOU WERE WONDERING). I’m talking ‘A Christmas Story.’ I don’t know why I love ‘The Family Stone’ so much, but I’m talkin ’bout it, too. Oooh good news I got on the Netflix press list for everything coming to and leaving Netflix month to month. WOO!

the time in between

Speaking of Netflix, have you watched this yet? OMFG good.


cold weather, hot glue

Crafty? If by crafty you mean I can cook up a damn good scheme, yeah. But as far as actual crafts go? No patience. No time.

Except I picked up a hot glue gun in October to glue some pom poms on some pumpkins. And I can’t put it down.


my mom’s old bike


It’s a green Volkscycle, a child of the 70s. I fixed it up and hitched a kid trailer to it.

A new hobby is born.








2 thoughts on “November: 15 random things I love.

  1. Kathy Hatfield says:

    Hi Julie, I LOVE this. I clicked on “comment” but both those links are broke. You are amazing in so many ways!!

    Kathy Hatfield


    1. j&m says:

      You’re so sweet! xo. Sometimes comments are delayed b/c I have to approve them…?! I’m goingto try to change that as it can discourage people from weighing in!


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