The Healthy 65. Give it a go. You won’t do worse than me!


I’m superawesome at goal setting.

Like, the time in 2015 I pledged to lose 20 pounds.

I stepped on a scale in August and found I’d instead gained 14.


Ah, who cares.

I’m done with weight loss challenges. I’m sick of looking at the Kardashian 30-pound weight loss schemes in the supermarket aisle.

(Screw you, Khloe)

I’m sick of every ‘Self” magazine headline. LOSE INCHES IN 26 SECONDS BY DOING THIS.

Really? Cuz my headline’s over here like:


So I call my sister cursing our genetic code after the cruel August encounter with digital scale forced by health assessment for insurance discount (OBVIOUSLY genetics is to blame and not all the cookies that put the gadunk in my trunk). My sister gives me some advice, as only a sister could:

“Make peace with your rolls and have a glass of wine.”

“Yeah, OK. That sounds good.”

Me and my mum tum – we’re so tight now.

Even so, I can’t do away with goal setting. That’s just a part of me, even as I fall flat on my face, 9/10 times – I just can’t stop! It’s like an addiction!

With all of that in mind, I present to you:

The Healthy 65. It starts Nov. 30!

This is a 65-day wellness challenge. I did the same last year, mostly run through my news outlet at The Oklahoman.

Why 65?

I like the number.

Eli’s disease is cystic fibrosis. Kids can’t pronounce that. Seventy years ago it took babies by 2. Forty years ago, 15.  Kids called it ’65 roses,’ which is sad, in a way, and cute, in a way. Today the median age of U.S. survival is 42, though the illnesss still can take a young person’s life.

The number 65 is linked to his disease. Because of Eli’s disease, my family is focused on wellness.

Sixty five days  also strikes me as a decent amount of time to break old habits and make new ones.

Here is how you can participate:

  1. Pick a goal – any goal! Keep it simple and maintain it for 65 days. It can be physical, spiritual, mental – anything that contributes to your overall sense of wellbeing.
  2. If you want to hear how others are doing,

    subscribe to my Healthy 65 newsletter!

    I’ve convinced a few fellow writers to blog about their experiences. I’d like to send two e-mails per week for the duration of the challenge, Nov. 30 to Groundhog Day (best movie ever, BTW!)

My goal

Last year I did myself in by setting too many goals, including but not limited to weight loss. Srsly I had, like, 10 goals.

My only goal this year: strength.

It’s, like, a theme, instead of a goal. YES HOW CAN I FAIL?

I already go to ‘Body Pump’ every Monday. I’d like to do two strength classes per week – more is just icing on the cake.

Mmm cake.

I’d like to give yoga another go, too, for a mental boost. See, there I go getting carried away again.

Weight loss and maintenance is an ongoing challenge – I’m proud to report I’ve shaved a good four pounds away after my cruel digital scale encounter of August. It took three months of tracking everything I eat in My Fitness Pal and training for a half marathon.

Weight maintenance is the opposite of easy for a sweets-n-wine-loving gal like myself.

That’s OK. Life’s too short to say ‘no’ to cake. Or wine.

Mmmm cake.

What is your goal? Will you participate? If you want to share your goal for the newsletter, send me a note! xo


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