Netflix in December: Let me feed your addiction

There’s this Danish concept called hygge ( hoo-g).

It’s centered on happiness: friends, family, food, candlelight.

You know, hunkering down but feeling cozy.

Danes be like:

Replace fireplace with Netflix and I'm doing the hygge.
Replace fireplace with Netflix and I’m doing the hygge.

It’s culturally important to Denmark as Danes experience 17 hours of darkness at the height of winter in the crummy Northern European climate. Yet they manage to battle with Iceland and Switzerland for happiest place on earth.

Netflix is my hygge. Netflix is…85 percent of my social life.


Here’s what Netflix brings you this December:

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If Christmas movies aren’t your thing, you might consider these titles:

Tyke: Elephant outlaw

What could possibly go wrong?


Nurse Jackie, Seasons 1-7, arrives Dec. 31.

I $%^&%^$ love Edie Falco

Bridget Jones, Edge of Reason, leaving Dec. 15

God love her.

Feeling Rom-com-ish?

Bridget Jones Diary and Leap Year will help you out.

leap year


9 to 5. It’s a classic.

We’re doing the Healthy 65. It’s a 65-day wellness challenge. Participants are encouraged to pick a simple goal and keep it up from Nov. 30, 2015 through Groundhog Day, Feb. 2.

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What will your goal be?

Mine is strength – physical and mental. Translation: weights and yoga. Happiness is a muscle. It needs work and attention.

I started the Healthy 65 to help her son Eli stay well. He has a chronic and life-threatening lung illness called cystic fibrosis. Children have a hard time pronouncing the disease and sometimes call it “65 roses.” This blog documents my family’s experiences raising a child with CF.

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