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Bedtime takes up so much of our lives, I don’t know why I haven’t written about it before. Most likely it’s because I collapse into a heap afterward.

Below are the three books 3-year-old Eli picked out to read tonight before holding me hostage for an additional 40+ minutes of spoken stories and songs. ‘Tis I who created the bedtime black hole nicknamed ‘Time poverty-P90X’ by scientists and Melinda Gates by being a sucker to my son’s nighttime wims. Sometimes, I kinda love it. Other times, not.

Eli, buddy, have you ever heard of me time? Mommy needs her me time *weeps*.

Without further ado, the books:

‘who i am!’

I’m not even tryin’ to be all cystic fibrosis awareness-y with this first pick. A few nights ago, Eli pulled it off the book shelf and he has asked for it all week. ‘Who I am!’ is a book given to us by Eli’s
cystic fibrosis clinic. It’s about a girl named Patti with cystic fibrosis who reads a report to her class about what her life is like.

We don’t hide the fact Eli has a disease from him, from his sister, or anyone who inquires. That’s why I like the book. It’s like, ‘Hey, this is part of me. I have to do some extra stuff to keep well. NBD. Life is still good.’

Also, the dad in the book is introduced with party in the back, business up front, PLUS a bonus ‘stache.



‘the dark,’ by lemony snicket

The DarkI’m so happy Eli picked this book tonight. So many childrens’ books are … just.. not … tolerable.  I love everything about ‘The Dark.’ The dark in ‘The Dark,’ is an actual thing that reaches out to a cute kid named Lazlo to soothe his fears. It turns out the dark isn’t so bad after all. I’m into the words and the pictures, which Eli tried to add to with a crayon.

My son is more afraid of the wind than the dark. Gusts rattle the windows and creak the house and leave him screaming at 3 a.m. and I end up sleeping on his floor. Thanks, Oklahoma spring, for ruining my life. Maybe I’ll write a follow-up to ‘The Dark’ called ‘The Wind.’

And check out this speech by the dark. It’s gets creepy and then it gets logical. It’s my kind of dark. If you know anything about my daughter Laila, 5, it is also her kind of dark. She also loves this book.

‘Wheels on the go’

Eli is asleep right now with a fire truck in his bed, so as you may imagine, he loves his books about trucks. The kid is obsessed with trucks! I kid you not, he can ID trucks in the NASA landing convoy. Natch, he loves a book called ‘Wheels on the go!’ It’s a short board book with cut-out wheels that make turning pages easy for little people. I like the illustrations, too.  I think we got it from grandma. Good one, grandma!

That’s all for now. ‘night!


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