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“We owe taxes, yaaaaaaay!” said no one, ever.

Guess I should have routed our salaries to Bermuda and back, but what working schlep has the time? Such strategies are the real-life Monopoly squares for billionaire hedge fund managers.

Tax season is as good of a time as any reboot  our sporadic patchwork of efforts to tackle existing debt.

We owe just over 2k in taxes – for 2015 – which annoys me greatly. I’ve claimed fewer “allowances” on my W4 in 2016 so the government will withhold more this year.

That should be fun, said no one, ever.

I don’t want to withhold too much, but just enough to cover our actual tax liability for the year. Withholding too much means the government gets a nice, interest-free loan on your hard-earned cash. It won’t be reciprocated.

I’m putting in writing my intention to hold “Screw you, tax man: The garage sale” to cut down this debt. If I write it down — I’ll do it. (I hope). I’ve been big talking holding a garage sale for like two years, and so far, zero action has followed.

I can’t stand having these bull-shitty debts hanging over our heads. We pay $800 a month in various debts- student loans and taxes and a car loan.

In the mean time, I wonder why the government doesn’t give a tax break to families who have a child with chronic illness or disability. How about a tax break for family members who care for ederly parents while we’re at it? Am I missing something here? WTF.


Eli the emperor will wear no clothes, unless mom and dad pay off these stupid debts.


In the grand old US of A, the most expensive thing you can do is to get sick. I’d gladly go broke to keep Eli as healthy as possible, but it shouldn’t be this way.

What if one of us, Eli’s caregivers, dares to become ill? It’s a scary thought.

Tax relief would help us to save for medical and other unexpected emergencies.

People in the middle are just plain screwed. Screw that! Screw you, tax man! (the garage sale).

Right, in conclusion, actual real-life garage sale to clean out our hoard of junk in the garage and pay down tax debt burdens will commence. In the mean time, I want to figure out whether or not tax relief for the caregivers of chronically ill or disabled is in the works anywhere.

PS: Screw you, tax man.


Just another member of the disgruntled Middle Class


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