This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!


Mommy draws power from her fluffy mum tum

Took baby to an interview with a lady felon

At 8 months old, he was too young to understand

A cop shot felon mommy’s grown baby in the back of the head

Mommy feeds her daughter McNuggets and fries

Says, “Quiet as a mouse, dear!” so mommy can disguise

Her need to pick up her little girl at 3:30

Memo, schools: Moms and dads both get their hands dirty

Two working parents is the norm now

Mommy loves making dollars, no complaints from this sow

But she wishes for a ‘she shed,’ a place of her own

Or a vacation —  (No offense, kids, but you’re staying home!)


Plus a maid and a cook to cut down life’s minutiae

So mommy can relax at the end of the day

With her littles- and her husband! (who she loves, and still)

Yes– she still wants a ‘she shed’ out back

With flourish, with a thrill, mommy’d lock the doors. Ahhh…head space to unwind

Mommy’d remember fondly that before this grind

Mommy had interests outside of work and home

In the shed she’d toast to herself –vow to  never ever to let those go

Because she can’t be a good mommy, a good wife, daughter or friend

Without holding onto her true self, ’til the bittersweet, glorious end


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