Maryellen has a baby

By Laila, recorded by mom

Maryellen’s pregnant. I have to pull out her baby. 

Here’s the father.  It’s Rainbow Dash.

She has to be in a wheel chair for two days.

She’s really hungry. 

Lala can’t stand. She was born with an illness. She has polio.

“I can’t believe I was born with this! I reject nature!”-Lala.

 Lala is Maryellen’s sister. Maryellen is grown up. Lala’s 10.

Baby was born with cystic fibrosis. Doctor told me. Here’s Lala’s dog. Here’s Maryellen’s dog. Let me get the rest of the family.

The grandma is still alive. The grandpa has the flu. One of the pets died but they still have three more pets.

They have a big family. Here are two more cousins. 

And I am the last member of the family. Of course, grandpa is home with the flu. Wait, here comes grandpa. 

Grandpa, where are you?

‘Ooh the new baby I love it I love it!’- Grandpa (a teddy bear).

*Cousin mutters under her breath*

“Grandpa was not invited.”-cousin Foofa.

Ok, everyone let’s take a picture.

The picture:


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