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First, Maryellen had a baby. Now, Laila’s American Girl doll has a new idea.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

By Laila

Maryellen’s going to France.

Her baby, she lives somewhere else, with her dad. Dad, Rainbow Dash, and baby, live together. She gave the  baby to the dad and told him to take care of it.

She’s going to France because, after France, she’s going to her, you know, she’s going to live with them forever then.

She wanted to go to France, and then, to Hawaii, to see Rainbow Dash and Pumpkin.

They live in Hawaii (my closet is Hawaii).

More tragedy befalls Lala

Lala (MaryEllen’s daughter) is 11 years old. Her birthday just passed.

She got scratched by a squirrel. A gopher scratched her arms.

She had to wear casts. She had an emergency, had  to go to the hospital.

She had a neck problem, that’s why she’s wearing this (points to scarf).

“Yeah that’s why I sound like this,” Lala says (with scratchy voice).

Maryellen wants to taste the food in France

Maryellen’s going on her trip tomorrow. She will be back in five days.

She’s going to France because she wanted to taste the food there. She thought it might be interesting.

Her tummy still hurted, from the baby, so she had to lay in bed for a few days. She got up, and said, ‘My tummy’s feeling better.’ She decided to go to Paris, France, then to Hawaii to see the dad, and the baby. Then she’s going to go to St. Louis, with Rainbow Dash and the baby. Then Milwaukee.

They’re taking their baby on a tour.

Then she’s coming home to live with them forever.

The end…for now.


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