The making of Eli and Laila as Alexander and Eliza Hamilton

Here’s how I got all that done: I hired a professional.

Her name is Dayna Brown and you should, in the future, hire her for all of your costume needs. Here is the Facebook page for her business, Costumed.

Dayna makes costumes for the Oklahoma City Ballet and other local theater groups. I tracked her down via a shared theater connection back in August with my strange plea: I needed Eli to dress as Hamilton to deliver our petition.

It only made sense, with our shared love of Hamilton Musical, which is usually blasting from my car stereo with the kids singing along. I wanted to make a splash in Boston without looking like a loon myself. Solution: Eli as Hamilton.


She took on the task and delivered ahead of schedule, working seamstress wizardry on thrift store clothes and turning Eli into the spitting image of Hamilton.  Of course, with the October visit to the drug company, little Eli had to be Hamilton for Halloween.

His outfit warmed the hearts of Boston. After our drug company visit, I took him to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, where people literally lost their minds at the sight of him walking the decks. Re-enactors wanted to pose with him. Grandma’s wanted to take his picture! They couldn’t. Even. Handle. It.

Eli even made Forbestwice! – in his little uniform! What a star!


As you can imagine, in the world of siblings, nothing is ever fair. As you can imagine, when Laila, my No. 1 Hamilfan, found out that not only was Eli going to Boston, but dressed as Hamilton, she lost her mind. I came to Dayna with a second plea: Please, do whatever you can, let me hire you to whip a costume up for Laila, who wants to be Eliza. Dayna not only allayed my outsized mom guilt, she tailored a dress for Laila, too, who went trick-or-treating as Eliza, Hamilton’s wife. I’ll pay for therapy later! Happy Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “The making of Eli and Laila as Alexander and Eliza Hamilton”

  1. Juliana, I signed your petition AND ordered 2 shirts way back when you first started. I have never received my shirts. I attempted to contact you on 2 occasions and have heard nothing. Please refund my CC. Mary M Grech


    1. Hi Mary. Your order was one of those that in the end needed me to re-order for the printer. But that is underway and you will receive your tshirts soon. sorry for the delay.


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