This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Our relatives from the frozen North like to visit us and defrost during the winter months.

Here’s a photo highlight!

I gave all the girls 40s hair, because, well , – why not?

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Laila tolerated my impromptu beauty salon only after witnessing cousin Nicole as guinea pig.

The plains weather drops and rises, drops and rises. On a cool and gusty day we headed to a favorite spot when the weather gets testy. The science museum!

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Hair twins

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Laila gives this dino the what-for.

A new dino exhibit captured the kids’ imaginations. Animatronics have come such a long way since “Pirates of the Caribbean,” (which I still love. #disney). Eli feared the life-like dinos and worried our family would be eaten in short order.


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There’s just something about sand spinning on stone…

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Auntie gets into the science.

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We watched Eli “play” basketball. He runs up and down the court. It’s great for the lungs!

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The Oklahoma bombing memorial remains a beautiful, quiet place. Except for those moments when my kids  destroyed that peace with piercing  banshee shrieks and required a lesson on sanctity for the dead.

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Our morning outing entailed the memorial. Cousin Nicole took notes with a sparkly pink pen.

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I wish, kids.

I had to pump the breaks on writing here to finish up a big project at work that requires all of my attention. And I needed to think about where I would be putting my energy in 2017. The months of September through January kept us on our toes with Eli. Three rounds of antibiotics failed him as he fought a cystic fibrosis flare-up. Finally, Cipro – strong enough to kill anthrax!- got the job done. He lost weight while fighting his illness and we are now focused on fattening him, as bigger kids have better luck handling his illness over time. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll get through the winter without a hospitalization. Winter’s not over yet. His illness management is a part-time job on top of my full-time job and other neglected life duties, like this blog, and the laundry.

Anyway, I miss writing here. When I quit I could feel the stress build – this is one of my favorite releases! I have some 2017 ideas. We’re going to keep on trucking. We’re going to keep on having lots of fun. It’s still good to be alive, in conclusion.


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