WTF just happened?: The week in review

Happy Monday, beautiful. I’m going to try something new here and see if it sticks.

Every week, as we get to the end, I find myself wondering, “WTF just happened?”

Here are things that assuredly happen each week. The kiddos get one week older. So do we. Eli asks 23,465 questions. So much news breaks my head spins. I try to hide from screens each evening and most of the weekend.

The hopefully weekly installment of WTF just happened? commences now. I bring you the first installment:


Running in heels

I’m running in heels on a gym floor. I’m running from my son. He’s screaming “Mommy,” arms outstretched. I pick him up, snuggle and soothe him. I bring him to his sister and her bestie, H., who is wearing a crown of flowers like Frida. I almost double over, overdosing on cuteness, looking at that little crown, OMG it’s dear. H.’s mommy is from Durango. They visited over spring break. Not Colorado, Mexico. I hope H. and her mommy can still visit whenever she wants. H. does not celebrate birthdays, Christmas, St. Patty’s, Halloween or any other holiday. But she brings Laila a presents to school, literally, every other day. Laila on this day will give her a small stone carving of a rabbit from our summer travels, to the Fantastic Caverns of Springfield, Mo.

Anyway, I approach Laila and H. I plunk Eli in between them. Hug Eli, I say. Hug him tight and don’t let him chase me, whatever you do.

I sprint out the door in heels.

I learn later he cried for exactly three minutes before going on with the rest of his day at the kids’ new summer day camp.

WTF happened in the news?

Black women earn 67 cents on the dollar relative to white non-Hispanic men, per the Economic Policy Institute.WTF that’s not cool. July 31 is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

The Mooch, WTF?:

The Mooch ranted like no communications director has on-record ranted before.

Murkowski, Collins and McCain, Oh my!:

How much should the government be involved in ppl’s healthcare? Luckily for Eli, the GOP couldn’t agree last week. The CF Foundation has been texting us every day, asking us to call our Senators and ask them to vote “No,” on every iteration of every repeal bill put forth.”Skinny bill,” and every other proposed bill (I believe there were four shuffling around in D.C.) were terrible for people with cystic fibrosis, per the CF Foundation.

Which, may I add, has been rocking it on the advocacy front with the clarity and utility of its message: Tell them to vote no. It will hurt every person with CF.

Skinny repeal sunk early Friday morning with the surprise “No” from McCain, the Senator from Arizona. Now what? We get to wait and see if Obamacare will implode, if Dems and GOPs will work together, or if more Repubs will win in 2018, growing the GOP majority. Oi.

So, half of people w/ CF are on Medicaid. We have private insurance, but caps on coverage are back on the table. Those caps used to stand at $1 million, according to a dispatch I read this week. Pretty sure Eli has hit that already. I’m also terrified about pre-existing condition protections evaporating on someone’s whim.

I hate the politicization of healthcare, but I’m forced to pay attention and participate on behalf of my son. It’s increasingly important to my family. We have to speak. We have to vote. We have to protect Eli. It’s life or death, not a hypothetical.

Kim Jong WTF:

North Korea keeps launching practice missiles. Whilst I sipped coffee Friday, it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. Oh, goody. Its Friday projectile did not have the capability to reach the U.S., but analysts predicted Kim Jong could get there by early ’18.

WTF: are we reading and watching

Just finished The Handmaid’s Tale, my bookclub selection. Next, re-reading The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. Book Club selected two books this go-round. We picked T.G.C. because those of us who had read it before felt it far superior to our last read with Appalachian ties, Hillbilly Elegy.

Handmaid’s Tale gets a thumbs up from me. Dystopia at its finest. Stirring descriptive writing, Margaret Atwood.

On a whim, I started a little ladies bookclub for Laila, 7. We are reading Little House in the Big Woods.

I binge watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix. Mark was a non-participant, as BBC-esque, slow-moving dramas don’t do it for him like they do for me. We re-watched Superbad. I forgot how hilarious that movie was. For mindless distraction, we keep watching Parks and Rec. We let Eli and Laila watch Disney shorts, which looks to be a new NF addition. They felt it. We are trying hard to keep them away from the TV. Do as we say…not as we do…

Area child breaks area mother’s heart

Transitions are a huge deal to littles. My kids were afraid of starting summer day camp after chilling with pops for weeks on end. Mark’s school schedule is a little different from theirs. He had to go back. They had to go somewhere new. I picked Eli and Laila up after that first day.

“Mommy,” Eli said. “We didn’t go to the auditorium. The school doesn’t have a jungle gym like my school. My friends weren’t there.”

Eli didn’t seem too cut up earlier in the summer, when he left our beloved Special Care, the nonprofit school he’s attended for the last two years.

Well, he mourned for it this week.

“It’s OK, buddy,” I told him. “You’re going to make new friends. And you have your sister in the mean time.”


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