WTF just happened? The week in review.


It’s Monday. What, have you been living in a cave all week? OMG me too! Here is a story and other items:

Small humans throw playground shade on Bunny Bun

Laila has a bunny. A toy stuffed bunny named Bunny Bun. Bunny Bun is no ordinary bunny.

I was in the hospital, recovering from Laila’s birth, when Bunny Bun made an appearance. The glamorous labor drugs I coveted had worn off. I was in paaaain. I needed to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep for three or four days. My mother appeared in my hospital room. And she proffered, in a little brown paper sack, Bunny Bun.

My mom, AKA GiGi, AKA Notorious G.I.G. (pronounced ‘geedge’) had lovingly selected that little stuffed bunny, small and terrycloth and cream with a pastel brown belly and paws.

My mom had late-stage cancer but there she was, swooping in to give our new baby a gift, and to help me when I couldn’t help myself, or Laila. I couldn’t even fall asleep. I wouldn’t fall asleep. I wouldn’t fall asleep because thoughts kept intruding. Thoughts like, “You’re going to throw your water bottle and it’s going to drown your baby.” “You’re going to toss in the night, throw a pillow on top of your baby. She’s in danger. You are a danger to her.” What? These thoughts made no sense. It was a sign of things to come, for my postpartum mind. But that’s not a story for today.

My mom died when Laila was six months old.

Fast forward seven years and four months. Laila took Bunny Bun to summer day camp. Laila played, alone, with Bunny Bun, because Laila likes to operate like this at times –in her imagination, in worlds she creates. Mini humans on the playground threw shade at Bun Bun. Two small human females told her Bunny Bun was “creepy.” “So are you. You and your bunny are creepy.”

Laila arrived home, confounded at the unprovoked cruelty, and shared the story.

This was no small matter. This involved Bunny Bun. Thee Bunny Bun.

How should she respond?

WHAT WOULD G.I.G. (pronounced Geedge) do?

to be continued….at the end of this post…

This week some things happened, including to thE ‘pharma bro’ Shkreli

A lot happened this week, in the news.

One story caught my eye, a turn in the ongoing saga of Martin Shkreli, aka, “Pharma Bro.”

He jacked up the price of a decades-old, life-saving pill. Then he smirked a lot about it. His story actually inspired a speech and a petition from me. It prompted me to start paying more attention to the way Eli’s drugs are being priced. But that was two years ago.

Last week he got his comeuppance. Sort of.

Reports the L.A. Times:

The baby-faced and gutter-mouthed 34-year-old, often known as “Pharma Bro,” had been charged with eight counts of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit both securities and wire fraud. He was acquitted of five of the charges, including the most serious, which allowed Shkreli and his defense team to claim victory.

Prosecutors claimed that Shkreli ran what was effectively a Ponzi scheme, defrauding investors by exaggerating his own credentials – for example, claiming that he attended Columbia University. He used their money to capitalize a new drug company, Retrophin, which he then looted to pay them back, they alleged.

Shkreli was acquitted on the charges relating to Retrophin, but convicted of making fraudulent misrepresentations regarding two hedge funds he ran.

He called the whole ordeal a witch hunt. And you know what’s crazy? I agree with him.

Here’s a post I wrote about a common cystic fibrosis antibiotic. Its non-Pharma Bro manufacturer raised the price 9,000 percent for no reason (except you know, greed). No one made a peep! Except for a coupla docs in medical journals!

Point: The shit Pharma Bro pulled with the drug is so commonplace it’s not even funny. His weird creepy baby face smirked a lot. It’s the only difference. He put himself on prosecutors’ radars. He got caught. He got shamed.

And yet, the long arm of the law basically just scratched him, nothing more.

We all need to wake up. He’s not the exception, he’s the rule. The world is full of secret Shkrelis. But it’s going to take some doing to lift up that benevolent veil under which these frackers hide their perma-smirks.

In other news…

Eclipse WTF

You should read about the total eclipse! An explainer (

Trump WTF

Trump is golfing. He’s golfing a lot. 43 times and counting. It’s cost taxpayers more than $57 million, according to the self-explanatory Trump Golf Count.

Kim Jong WTF

Is he really a threat? One columnist is like, “meh.”

Small humans throw shade on Bun Bun contd…

More news happened, which I’m too tired to report. You need to go to a legit news site and get caught up, reader.

Here’s what happened with Laila. With Bunny Bun.

I thought hard about what my mom would have told Laila to do.

Well, first, Geedge would have, obviously, thought of 7-year-old appropriate comebacks, such as, but not limited to, “Your opinion is meaningless to me.”

Indeed, I told Laila she was free to express this truth to Bun Bun’s tormentors.

Also a good strategy: Ignore these mean-girls-in-training. It deflates any power they have over you.

But, while you are at it, how about you take the way those little people treated you as a lesson in how not to treat others?

Remember how they made you feel.

Don’t act like them. Don’t diminish other children. 

To be honest, I was more bothered than my daughter about this whole Bunny Bun scenario. She told me about it in passing, the story relayed with bemused confusion as to why two others took issue with her obviously adorable rabbit. 

Maybe, Laila, you should leave Bunny Bun at home from now on, I advised.  You know, just for safe keeping. 


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