So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of. This. Is. Love….

The most romantic thing happened to me. 


My husband did that. He boiled in distilled water and lined up on a dear little paper towel mat and with military precision Eli’s nebulizer parts. Mark does this each and every day.

Ladies, ladies, please! Back off.

But wait…there is more…

After gazing lovingly at the kitchen counter scene, I raise my head. It can’t be…my heart melts…

It’s like we are on a second honeymoon ppl! 

I contemplate true love and pour my coffee…oh dear God what have I done?

Yes. That. Wrong glass!

This is more like it. Plus it comes attached to good memories from some earlier life. But I like my life. Right now. Today. 

I have two minutes remaining before I become a drill sergeant. It’s the first day of school! 


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