The first day of school 

Eli and Laila started school! 

Bonus: they get to go there together! 

Eli is in pre-K and Laila in Grade 2.

This is how the morning went:

​Here is what I learned later: 

I arrived at the school to find Eli engrossed in an abstract design he fashioned on a rubber band bracelet weaver. It wasn’t a bracelet. Definitely not a bracelet.

“Eli! What happened to your face?” 

He had dirt on his nose, having apparently just whipped up red Oklahoma earth to dig a hole with a posse of little girls. Playing in that particular patch of dirt is forbidden, but Eli managed to stay one step ahead of the playground monitors. He moves fast when dirt is involved.

I found Laila, his suave 2nd grade sister, who hugged me. Laila has always loved school. 

“We get to sit anywhere we want at lunch!” 

She sat by her sweet little friend L. , who sadly has not been her class since kindergarten. 

We got home and I tried to ferret out more details from Eli.

“I got lost,” he told me.

“What? How? Where?”

“I dunno,” he said with a shrug and a frown. “It was scary, Mommy!”

Luckily Laila remembered a few key details. 

Kiddos left the gym for the short walk to the main school building, and about a half a second  later a worker noticed he wasn’t there.

“I bet he’s in the gym!” Laila said, racing back.

She ventured into the boy’s bathroom calling his name– relaying this detail with wild gestures.

“I wasn’t suppose to be in there! I was closing my eyes!” 

And what sad little scene did she stumble upon?

Eli crying in a corner?


Whimpering in a stall? 


He was sitting on the pot singing opera.

I have nothing more to add.


2 thoughts on “The first day of school ”

  1. Hi Julie, I was wondering how the day went for Laila and Eli and was happy to see your post. That is so nice that Laila is reunited with her friend from kindergarten. 👭 I had to laugh about Laila rushing into the bathroom, eyes closed, calling for Eli. Eli singing opera on the pot! A great way to calm ones fears…sing. You must be reassured knowing his capable sister is looking out for her brother…sweet. Hoping the rest of the year goes more smoothly and that Eli isn’t playing in the dirt anymore or goes missing.

    Love, Chris

    PS. Bill and I both got a kick out of your using the word “pot”. Bill used to get laughed at when he referred to the toilet as a “pot”.

    Sent from my iPad Christine Ellison



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