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Today is Monday, Aug. 14, 2017. Here’s WTF just happened in the last seven days:

(WTF’d whilst Whole 30 failing):

WTF just happened in regular life?

Eli slayed me. I’m dead.

I discovered what romance looks like after 9 years of marriage. Hint: Boiled nebulizer parts.

My children started school. 

Laila asked uncomfortable questions.

Speaking of Laila: She went from Daisy to Brownie. I ironed on Daisy flower petals on her blue vest at the 11th hour. She’s missing a petal. SHHHH.

I made a new blog header. What do you think?

WTF just happened: The news

There was a horrific terror attack in Charlottesville, Va.
Hate in this country remains strong
Trump barely condemns hate that resulted in the deaths of three – a protester and two law officers. His aides struggled to explain why he failed to condemn white supremacy.
Warning, graphic. Video captures attack. 
Victim’s last Facebook post tragically poignant
Confrontation w/ N Korea NOT imminent: US officials
The Department of the Interior is wrapping up its review of the state of 27 of America’s total 129 national monuments. Here are five to watch.

Health news you can use

Americans want the GOP to stop trying to undermine the health law and fix it instead, according to a few polls rounded up by Kaiser Health.

An Oklahoma mom kicked ass on NPR 

Pharma Bro got dose of own medicine. HA. Smirk away motha##$%^^



Some things we like. Some things we need to do this week. 

I’m really feeling an app this week:
Apple Clips for iPhone, which is free, easy to figure out, includes emojis and turns your voice into synced captions. I used it to make a little multi-media video of Laila’s Daisy-to-Brownie ceremony Sunday.

My one criticism: Needs more emojis.

Gotta do this:

We need to re-organize our family budget.

We need to get up on time.

We need to divide mom/dad Eli CF care and household labor again, in writing, signed, sealed and notarized, in light of the new school year schedule, which is kicking our ass three days in.

We need to brainstorm ways to get Eli 1,600 calories per day.

We need to decide whether or not we can swing swim lessons for the kiddos, both in terms of budget and time limitations.

We need a night off. Dear God, do we ever.

If we get one of the above listed things done this week, I’ll be calling it a win.

The end.


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