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A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Taking trips together to make good memories as often as we can is a maje. priority. That’s why I’m opening the books on our travels with this post. If a buncha knuckleheads like us can spring it, maybe all the knuckleheads out there can take a decent trip, too.

Did you hear about that cystic fibrosis drug that spiked in price 9000 percent from one year to the next? Neither did I. We need to wake up. This is happening. It’s going to happen until it’s curtailed by humanity and common sense and better laws. It’s going to kill, real quiet like, while no one …

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Thirty pounds of rage can flip chairs, shatter sound sound barriers and thrash at your heart, one so full of love for this little bruiser. Seems at nearly 3 Eli has decided he has a lot to say about the hours of treatments and physical therapy we put him through each week to keep him healthy. He …

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