This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

The Oklahoman loves Eli!

Love them back on Twitter and Facebook. The Oklahoman loves Eli

My column about my family’s experience with cystic fibrosis and our buddy Eli is an adventure in print and multimedia. I was excited and nervous to share our family’s journey for the first time in ink.

It ran in print June 2, 2013. Here it is online and below, an ode to its print version. I wrote about the supportive feedback.
My family made the pape

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The New York Times loves Eli!

Love them back on Twitter and Facebook.

Motherlode editor KJ Dell’Antonia wrote an article about her weeks-long search for blogs to link to. She plucked us from obscurity out of hundreds of parenting blogs, gave us a NYT shout out and then space in the blog roll – a list of links to the right of the Motherlode page she calls “Must-reads.” Thanks so much for picking us, KJ! Of course, I took a photo numerous photos of the mention, and the link. Then I added giant red labels just in case you needed, you know, guidance.

The New York Times loves This is Eli

The New York Times loves This is Eli! Our link is on the right sidebar in the the online parenting section Motherlode under the heading “Must reads.”

Don’t worry, Eli just pooped on me. He always brings me back to the real world.

Joking aside, we are honored. I’m a journo – The Grey Lady is hallowed ground where I come from. Plus, she’s a lady. Respect. Respect.

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Brain, Child Magazine loves Eli!

Show them love on Facebook.

Brain, Child Magazine, a literary magazine for motherhood, gave us a shout out on Facebook on May 3, just in time for Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month. Thanks, Brain, Child! We feel quite honored and fancy for the literary love on social media.

Brain, Child magazine loves Eli

The Oklahoman loves Eli — again!

My outlet published a column called Tears at 37,000 feet in June 2014. In it, I describe my plane ride to a Washington, D.C. conference to learn more about the future for cystic fibrosis research. On the plane, I made the questionable choice of venturing into cystic fibrosis’ tragic past by reading “Alex: Life of a Child,” by Frank Deford. The book ripped my heart out, but at the same time, gave me an appreciation of how far medicine has advanced since Alex died of cystic fibrosis in 1980.

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I also interviewed Frank Deford. Here’s the piece:

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