30 ways to get more iron, man (The last 20 pounds with My Fitness Pal, weeks 5 &6)

Oh, Bollox.

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The last 20 pounds with My Fitness Pal: I like cookies (Week 4)

After weeks of little downward movement on the scale yet better-fitting pants, I finally lost some weight – 2 pounds since the first week. Now let’s see what Week 4 will bring:

Day 22, Monday, July 28

Today I managed to run for a half hour at lunch. I ran in ‘interval training’ mode on Runtastic.

Tuesday, July 29 Day 23
I’m a stress eater. Stress is unavoidable. We can only try to minimize it and control our own reaction to stress, or choose healthy coping mechanisms. HAHAHA. That’s cute, but I chose carbs. I ate a cookie dessert for lunch, 2.5 donuts for dinner, and two bowls of cereal…because….#carbs. #Noms. My success of the day was lunch. I was out in the state for lunch. It is so tempting to stuff one’s face while traveling for work. There are BBQ joints at every turn in Oklahoma. Myself and the photographer ate at a quaint cafe that had a fresh n tasty salad bar. Skipped the cheese and croutons and loaded up on veg and protein, dressing on side. For that reason, my carb overload only put me about 150 cals over my 1,200/ day limit.

Wednesday, July 30, Day 24

We of the Oklahoma news business had another soccer match today after work. It rained. We loved it! Until the cell tower in the field over crackled. Lightning strike. Right, this was probably a stupid idea. GAME OVER. I burned 241 calories in a 30-minute match, according to MFP. Unfortunately, I have to work late tonight because I feel the need to “get ahead” on a few things. That means, large project, looming deadline. Food-wise working late means I faced the cafeteria dinner challenge. There is almost nothing healthy, but I managed to purchase a turkey chef salad. Bland bland bland. MFP, you don’t feel like a friend to me during meals like this. MFP, you are more like Mussolini Fitness Pal, little tyrant!

Thursday, July 31

This is my gym:

My gym.
My gym.

Friday, Aug. 1

My usual Friday routine after the kids are in bed and we’ve picked up the house — roughly by 9:30 p.m. night — is to sit on the couch, talk to Mark and bing watch Netflix with my dull drug of choice, Malbec. We are extremely excited that season 3 of Hell on Wheels is up. Instead of doing this, I did Banish Fat Boost Metabolism by Jillian Michaels. Mark was shocked. He played PS3 base ball. We watched Hell on Wheels starting at 10:45 p.m. Way too tired for wine, and why would I pour calories back on my frame? *Looks in mirror* Who are you?

I’m glad I worked out. I’m feeling the stress this week. Part of the problem is that I keep diving into world events coverage. I’ve been following the Israel-Palestine conflict on Twitter. I follow writers, photojournos, aid organizations and news outlets from all over the world that are on the ground. It sucks me in. It’s horrifying. I saw the most terrible images of children today. These are too awful to even describe, and to be honest, they are at present haunting me. It is ridiculous to bring this up in a work-out post, yes. All I’m saying is, I think I was trying to burn the news of the day out of my head. Why can’t I just be the typical American who cares about nothing outside of their own home/friend circle/ town/state/country and moves through the world with a self-awareness level of zero? Whyyyyyy?

Saturday, Aug. 2

Confession: I ate too much ice cream this week. My knee is feeling good, so I’m going to go for a nice jog at the lake tomorrow.

That concludes week 4.

Weight loss: .9

Not surprising, given my cookies n ice cream of a week. Overall I’ve lost 3 pounds. I’m calling it a win.

This is a place for my inner monologue on food and fitness to air as I try to drop my last 20 pounds of baby weight. Warning: could at any point be bitter, delicious, something about mint Oreo ice cream, talk about My Fitness Pal/Mussolini Fitness Pal, bashing ab Selfies, spurning hunger, giving myself a break, refusing dumb diets and avoiding the notion that this is easy. No, it’s hard. I’m kinda slow. I like cookies. However, fitness in particular helps me handle this topsy turvy world we occupy and good nutrition gives me strength and energy to survive busy days, so I hope to keep it up and meet my goal! xo. Check out the category The Last 20 Pounds to follow along. I hope I can make posts each week, updated throughout the week. Get caught up with Week 1. Week 2. Week 3.

The last 20 pounds: fit not thin, Malbec not Merlot (Week 2)

Hello. A quick-ish note to start week 2, which is for me July 14-20. I had a fabulous weekend and misbehaved when it comes to food, wine and fun. For good measure I ate a late-night nacho snack last night.

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The last 20 pounds: a diary (Week 1)

I wasn’t going to mention anything, but, I need to, since I strive for honesty here. I’m in a new relationship.

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The slow road: against the wind (again)

I admit it. I went for a run. A few of them.

The last time this occurred I had pledged to do an April 2013 half marathon.


Right, right. With an attatched-to-me-24/7 infant? Cold winter Oklahoma winds slapping me in the face? The bone-deep fatigue that tags along with every brand new sweet precious bundle?

Run mama ya hear?
Run mama ya hear?

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My slow road to health

I’m probably going to regret this.

Each time I mention Weight Watchers, or a pledge to exercise, I immediately fail.

It’s like when I lived in Ann Arbor, and my friend Liz and I would, each month, attempt to do the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. But on day 3 we’d be like: “Did you shred?”

“Ugh, no.”

“Did you?”


“Ya wanna grab a Blue Tractor Burger?”

“Oh yeah!”

That’s kind of what I’m like with fitness. And eating right.

I’d *like* to change, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, either.

I’m really busy. I’m getting less tired because my baby is sleeping through the night these days! I swear just being a parent makes you tired. You could sleep for 9 or 10 a night and still be tired!

Despite my doubts, I think I might write about health a little here.

Yes, I do want to lose baby weight. Not just because Kate Middleton just had George, either. She’s one of those lucky ladies who will drop the teensy 25 pounds she put on her teensy frame in about 2 weeks. For me, two years in I was still about 10 pounds away.

Again, stressful two years. Need to go easy on self.

Any how, I’m wearing my hippie shirt today, which is probably why I went a little nuts-o at Sprouts (our local Trader Joe’s-esque place).

Lots of veggies and fruits and easy and convenient healthy things for me.

It’s funny because as I try to mix in more grains, fruits and veggies and fewer platters of brownies, I’m trying to fatten my son up as much as I can.

Another CF mom I met on Facebook posted a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with bacon in them she makes for her son, who is 10!

I bet one cookie is like 20 Weight Watchers points!

Points…points. Track those points.

That does actually work.

Until I get stressed out and attack plates of baked goods.

Now that I’m writing this down…maybe this attempt will stick?

I called this post a bandwagon because I keep falling off the Weight Watchers/exercise bandwagon.

I keep getting back on, or at least, thinking about it.

My wagon is slow. I think the horse Charlie is pulling it, his patched up bum knee and all!

Slow is OK. Life’s too fast.

Easy, boy, easy!


The word bandwagon might be my problem.

Health shouldn’t be a craze, something to join because it’s popular. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, but it is, often times. I’m full of excuses like “I’m really busy” and “I’m really tired.”

But I am!

Still, I want to know how I can somehow, amid the craziness of my life, fit in good habits that actually stick around.

And I’d like to be kind to myself. It’s OK to be on the slow road.

I’d like to explore the reasons I’d like to get healthier in a later post.

Here’s a good one: my mom had cancer twice before her 60th birthday. She died at 59.

I have a lot of issues to explore and things to consider.

Before I jump onto any goal of any kind, I’ll spend some time thinking instead.

And maybe getting a little rest. It’s critical to good health!