Nanny state

We’re on the hunt for a nanny once more.

I’m sad to lose current, amazing nanny Stephanie. However, she’s a woman with goals, and that’s a good thing. Nanny S took a job in the realty field, which she is currently studying. It has health insurance. I’m sad to lose her, but totally understand.

We hate to lose you lovely nanny! But, we understand. Get 'em gurl.
We hate to lose you lovely nanny! But, we understand. Get ’em gurl.

However, that means we are looking for a nanny. We are very busy these days. I’ve found it hard to sit down and write anything.

Part of the busy entailed Eli getting sick. For the first time, he kept coughing and coughing, even though he was put on an antibiotic. We all got hit with cold after cold at the end of December and into January.

His cold probably flared up the bacteria that sticks in his lungs because of CF. So as our colds rolled on through our bodies and left, remnants of his stuck around. Last week, I took him to his clinic so he could see a specialist. They ran a number of tests, but buddy boy just had a virus. He has nothing alarming growing in his lungs. I actually did a ‘Day in the life’ string of posts on Twitter the day of our appointment – but have been too busy to compile them.

I just wanted to make a note to let everyone know Eli is fine, we’re all fine, and his cough has subsided.

Back to the nanny hunt.

With all these people coming through my home, I kind of decided I want to, ya know, hook up my house with cameras and live stream these to the Interwebs.

This is definitely not based on any issues with our current nanny – I trust her.

It’s more the fact that we’ve had trouble keeping a sitter, and my home has become a revolving door for childcare providers. I’ve been back at work since April. We are on nanny No. 5 – or id it 6 — in 9 months.

I work two jobs and a varied schedule, although part of my schedule entails some great, quality morning time during the week with my kids.

But, I miss them. I want to see them during the day. I want to see what they’re up to.

I didn’t write about this at the time it happened, but we had to fire a former nanny we had initially really trusted. I’ll call her Nanny X2. Mark came home for lunch unannounced and Nanny X2 was standing in our kitchen talking to a friend. We did not know this friend. I’ll call her Wanda. Oh, as it turns out, Wanda just swung by and entered my home to lend Nanny X2 some cash. You know, NBD. Just a stranger around my children, but, NBD. Nanny X2 assured us Wanda was all good.

Mark called me. I called Nanny X2 and lost my head, unleashing an expletive-laced verbal lashing over the phone in front of a number of entertained co-workers. I sent Mark home for the day and we canned Nanny X2.

My suspicion is that NannyX2 was just going to go out and deposit her cash from Wanda while Wanda sat in my home and watched my kids.

You know, NBD.

Then there was the original Nanny X. The one who faked a lice scare on my daughter’s birthday so she could get me home from work early and quit on the phone.

I gave that pie-eyed, swingy pony-tailed con artist extra cash and a latte before it dawned on me that she was full if shit, and I was nuthin’ but a sucker.

I never thought I was the type to nanny cam it, but, yeah, on second thought, I’m going to go ahead and hook that up.

In the mean time, it’s time for me to whip my house into a state of calm as not to scare the potential nanny coming over in a few hours.

Who’s the con artist now? I’ll try not to make it *too* clean.

I’m going to need some coffee.

Wish us luck.


Eli at 1 year, cystic fibrosis at 1 year

Eli is an opinionated fellow.

He only says “Mama,” “Dada,” and “Yaya,” and the occasional “Baby,” but he still tells us a lot. He has perfected his baby yelp, which helps him express displeasure. If he wants to be held he finds his way to me with a combination of crawling and cruising. I don’t know why, but there is something in his cruising around — stepping his way from a couch to a gate to a chair to me — that reminds me of parkour. When he reaches my legs, he holds up his hands and unleashes a yelp. His laughs and smiles tell us when he’s happy, and he laughs and smiles a lot. Windows or his view from the stroller make him happy, as does opening things and closing things and throwing or rolling his ball to us. He’s calm when we are moving together in the fresh air.

A new favorite spot: the cabinet.
A new favorite spot: the cabinet.

His baby dislikes include being gated in or held back in any way. He wants to move. Baby gates are enemy No. 1, outside of diaper changes. He sees me grab a gate and starts hollarin’. When the gate’s up, he pokes around and tries to see if he can take the thing out and escape somehow, seeking an entrance ramp for the the highway to the baby danger zone.

Eli is figuring out how to move in his world, and how to take control over his baby heart’s desires.

It’s a good thing — he’s growin’ up just like he should.

When it comes to his time-intensive care, things can get a little tricky.

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As the poo flies

Good news — we’ve fattened buddy to the 50th percentile.

I despise percentile talk among parents.

I bring it up because, in Eli’s case, it’s directly related to his health. We need to keep him chubby to keep him healthy.

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Our purpose in 9 pictures

This is Eli.

the day he was born

He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a deadly disease.

Today, he is a chubby and delightful little man.

without fear or pain

Will you help him?

together, we will cure cf


Follow our story at

Please consider sharing this post via your social media channels. Any help spreading the word about Eli and his disease, cystic fibrosis, is much appreciated!

Or, consider a donation to research that will save my son’s life.


And the winner of the swanky blanky is….

And the winner of the blanket contest is…Ewa A.!

Ewa wrote in with a strange childhood blankie story — a tale of an uncuddly dish towel in a 70s color scheme with mushrooms all over it. Much more recently, Ewa has a son named Eli! And, Ewa A. tells me, she went crazy and had four kids in three years. This is a feat. A pair of those kids are twins, which is why that was humanly possible. I have a feeling Ewa A. and her man are quite busy juggling all those kids. So through the generosity of Petite Frites, here is something soft and cuddly in which you might wrap up some babies, Ewa!

Here is Ewa’s blanket story:

When I was little, my blankie was a slightly stiff, frayed, rough / cheap terry-cloth, mustard-yellow dishtowel (think 1970’s color schemes) covered in pictures of brown and orange mushrooms of various sizes. It sure does sound snuggly and pretty, no? I have no idea how I got attached to this unfortunate dishtowel, but I did and so it traveled everywhere with me. It was always in my arms. It was with me in my parents Ford Fairmont with dark red pleather seats. Since in the early 1980’s my parents felt that car seats were optional, I was simply instructed to lay down in the back of the car on long car rides, snuggle up to my dishtowel blankie and take a nap. Clearly, I was immune to embarrassment at that age, because I took the dishtowel to preschool with me each day and I jumped into bed with it at night (secretly, my mom would come in when I fell asleep and wash it for me so that it was fresh…and newly stiff in the morning). I do not remember how I weaned myself off the dishtowel, but I do know that I managed to forget about this silly and ugly piece of comfort for a long long time. BUT, when I was an adult, just newly married, I was in my parents linen closet looking for a wash cloth when I stumbled upon my darling, stiff and now majorly faded mushroom dishtowel and I couldn’t believe my luck. It was much tinier than I had remembered and it was so stiff and uncuddly!!! But, despite its size, its strange design and its lack of fluff, just seeing the little neglected dishtowel brought me back to a flood of childhood memories, when my biggest worry was whether or not I would wake up in the morning hugging my little yellow mushroom towel!

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9 months old

9 months

Eli is 9 months old today! He’s started to crawl and pull himself up…*just barely* on the standing up. That started just two days ago. He’s turning into a nice, rotund fat baby and continues to do baby strength training moves. Now that he’s started to move, I do a little baby physio. Well, as much as you can do with a baby. This consists of me throwing his toys so he goes after them, or putting something rather fetching on the couch so he pulls up to get it. Little does he know these are my fledgling attempts at working out his lungs! He is unaware that I’m grooming him to be my running partner.

Here are my 9 month pics of buddy boy, taken with my handy dandy iPhone.

9 months

9 months

Hark! Who goes there?
Hark! Who goes there?
Playin' on his vest machine at 9 months. He is intrigued by the thing and likes to try and use it to stand.
Playin’ on his vest machine at 9 months. He is intrigued by the thing and likes to try and use it to stand.

Head explosion prevention (little people 2)

As a mom, one of the best things you can do to keep your head from exploding, which would be unfortunate and messy, is to make friends with other moms.

I joined a mom’s group I found online, with an environmental bent. If nothing else, I wanted to figure out what greenies actually looked like in state of Oklahoma (compared to Ann Arbor, where the greenies roam the streets in droves and at times in terrible footwear…Crocs *shudder* )

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This is Sunday morning

Laila had her puzzle game face on, so I made this video. Check out her hard look at the end. Girlfriend can scowl! She’s had a fierce look all day long. Don’t mess…she will destroy you (with her eyes)

Blue steel
Blue steel

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Nothing was amazeballs

Nothing was amazeballs. There were no WTFs. Talking heads didn’t bother us. NSFW? No, yes…the label’s not necessary. There were no epic fails and better yet nothing was EPIC and no one spoke in ALL CAPS. We weren’t 24/7 and no one told us YOLO, thank God.

Nope, none of that.

Just me and my son, Eli. In his dino jammies, kicked back back. The breeze on our faces, sneakers hitting the pavement, and the sky and the water and the sun and smiles from passers by.


We should do this more often.

I won’t set a reminder with alarm in my iPhone calendar.

Don’t need to because I’m not going to forget.


3 messages from Eli

The strangest thing happened today. Eli’s just 8 months old, yet he’s started to meme. Does your baby meme? Oh. Uh, well, every child develops differently, so don’t feel bad or anything.

Here are 3 things Eli relayed:

why u buggin

Tell me again

You funny